Monday, February 10, 2014

To succeed in life

I was reading in a Church magazine this morning, and I found some steps or suggestions that could help you follow the plan which God has for you.  Some of them may not apply to you, but most will cover everyone's life.

1. Establish principles to guide your life -- in all ways.

2. Don't make exceptions to your standards - Satan knows your weaknesses, don't rationalize your actions "just this once."

3. Be loyal - to all of your loved ones.

4. Live so that God can guide you - to be where He wants you to be and to serve.

5. Serve others - sharing with others will bring you happiness and joy.

6. SMILE - a good sense of humor will help you greatly; everyone has problems, just yours aside and smile.

7. Don't complain - Life isn't always fair, but it contains marvelous opportunities if you know how to find them.

8. Always have a Church assignment - be connected with the things of God and the ways to serve Him.

9. Worship in the Temple - It will keep you spiritually in tune, will allow you to remember the most important things in life, and will encourage you to give great service to others.

10. Use Jesus Christ as your example for life - use his teachings as your handbook for life; never make exceptions to them.

**Taken from an article by Elder Richard G Scott in the February 2014 Ensign.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Crochet Hat Pattern

I've been looking for an easy crochet hat pattern that can be tailored for many sizes, but now I don't have to do all the work.  This free crocheted hat pattern has all sizes from adult to infant.  When I finish crocheting my purple wool vest, I am going to use this hat pattern to make a matching hat before I box them up to send off to Wool Aid to warm some cold child in a poor chilly part of the world.

Making these hats requires that you know how to do the Adjustable Magic Circle, so pay Crochet Spot a visit and learn how.  Lol, I just had to go there myself for a reminder course.  ;)

A picture:

Doesn't seeing these make you want to make 1 or 5??  Wouldn't these hats look gorgeous with a crocheted flower on the side too?  I thought so too!

=) Gayle

Crochet Mitten pattern

No it's not mine, but I did find this apparently easy Women's Mitten Pattern , and I hope to give it a try soon.  I like easy patterns as my mind seems to get bored after awhile with more complicated patterns.  LOL, or maybe I am just too easily distracted, hmm?

Here's a picture of those pretty mittens too:

So go on, crochet up a pair for yourself and maybe one for your favorite charity too!

=)  Gayle

Edited to add:  I think that I need to make up a pattern book for all these great crochet patterns I am finding a printing off.  Just something simple, like say a 3 ring binder with page protectors.  Though only 1 page protector per pattern as I am too poor [lol, well maybe too frugal is a better description] to have enough of those clear page protectors for each page of pattern.  I have been printing off LOTS of patterns.