Sunday, February 10, 2019

2019 & it's February now!

How can this be??!! We're already 1-1/3 months into 2019?? Time really does fly by quickly.

However, last month when I was doing long-term 6th grade English Language Arts Subbing at Vernal Middle School, the days seemed to drag by oh so slowly... and as I was beginning to fear that no teacher would EVER be hired, they got one, and I went home for a short rest (I thought) before subbing again in a few days. Haha! The very day that was my last day of Subbing for that job, I started getting sick (on Feb 1st), fast forward 9 days and I'm still in the midst of coughing/no voice/ickiness.... the really strange thing is that I had flu-like symptoms, then 4 days ago I woke up with no voice, starting coughing & sneezing.. so it's like I've had two consecutive illnesses. :( I got to watch snow fall like crazy (for us, as 2-4" is a LOT, and we got 10" from those storms!) last week too.

January is the month of birthdays in our family, myself, dh & Ellynn -- she turned 6. Also on January 6th, our Katelynn was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! So proud of her.

Back to 2018: December... we got a dash of snow for Christmas; we celebrated the birth of our Savior on Christmas Day; I subbed a bunch in the weeks prior to Christmas vacation, and I also sewed 5 Rendezvous-style shirts for my friend's boys for their Christmas... I sewed Christmas dresses for my girls during Christmas break. I broke a toe on right foot when I ran into dh's heavy wooden trunk early one morning -- did not make for a fun holiday break, especially with all the sewing I needed to complete.

November, we stayed home for our Thanksgiving dinner... good thing as I was sick for the Whole break. :(  Joseph got his driver's license in mid-November, a day or so after Fall Trimester had ended. We encouraged him in the weeks prior to bring up his grades so that we can afford to have him on our insurance (Good Student Discount is a real thing, thank goodness!), and he made Honor Roll for that Tri too. I subbed LOTS this month too.

October saw us jogging along to all our usual activities. I, the mom, did my best to Sub as much as I could (trying to get enough money made to have a decent Christmas for children), while still keeping my head above water and not get burned out on "tending" other people's teenage children for their teachers. Joseph turned 16 and began getting anxious for his driver's license. I REALLY enjoyed General Conference, even with ALL of its new changes!

September  couldn't decide if it was warm or cool, but it was a slower month for me in Subbing because of Hurley-the-dog spinning out on my left-foot pinky toe and breaking it on August 22nd.

August was the month when we crammed everything in, trips to family reunions, Cole's 14th birthday, start of school & many other things.

Summer was crazy, and I  had no vegetable garden due to dislocating my left shoulder in April, so no weeding in mornings for meditation time. OUr dryer died, but due to intense summer heat, our clothes still got dried, baked is more like it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

What's for dinner this week?

This week's menu (though not everyone will eat the same things due to dietary needs, more below).

 So... Here it is:

  • Monday Nov 13: Meatloaf, rice or quinoa, steamed veggies.
  • Tuesday Nov 14: Venison & gravy over rice, mixed veg
  • Wednesday Nov 15: Deer sausage Spaghetti over GF noodles
  • Thursday Nov 16: Soup (i think chicken & veg or noodles)
  • Friday Nov 17: Tacos  
  • Saturday Nov 18: Fajitas 
  • Sunday Nov 19: Ham & potatoes

So people needing a different diet... hubby gets to have a colonscopy so he gets a special diet for several days this week.

What's for dinner -- last week

What we had for dinner last week, going from Sunday to Sunday (I think I have these right).

Yesterday, Sunday, Nov 12:
     Roasted Venison, roasted carrots, & mashed potatoes. 
Saturday Nov 11:
     Broiled Thin-cut Pork Chops & steamed mixed veggies
Friday Nov 10:
      Homemade Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Thursday Nov 9: 
      Hot dogs (tube steak)
Wednesday Nov 8:
      Ham & Potato Soup
Tuesday Nov 7:
      Baked chicken  thighs, steamed cabbage & carrots
Monday Nov 6:
      Venison & quinoa stew
Sunday Nov 5: