Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enveloping a quilt

Never before have i done this, though a few friends have told me time and again how easy it it is.  So when I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to make quilts for my boys for Christmas (I've still got bit over two months), well I knew I needed to find an easier way to do them.  And I remembered about the quilt enveloping technique (some people call it "bagging a quilt").  After much hunting, I found this tutorial and I think the author did a fairly good  job of explaining.

Someday I will have pictures to post on here of the quilts I make for my boys.  If I get really ambitious, maybe I will make quilts for Miss K as well as for the new baby.  I really ought to make a couple of blessing outfits for the new baby, one of each and then either give away or sell the one that doesn't get used.

=)  Gayle

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thinking about CD-ing

No it's probably not what you were thinking about, Cd means cloth diapering.  As much as I've spent in disposable diapers over the past 10 years I really think that I could have kept one or two CD companies very healthy.

Anyhow, after some  looking around, I really like the Alvas cloth diapers, go here to see what I mean.  I really like these.  For example, if I can make it work, here's one of their diapers:

1 BABY AI2 PRINT RE-USABLE CLOTH DIAPER NAPPY+1 INSER D2I really like the orange one too: 


They are quite reasonably priced too, these are just under $6 each, that's way better than the $10 or $12 each I've paid in the past for AIO's.

Anyhow, just something I've been thinking about.

Now i need to get my boys to give me their church clothes so I can make sure they are clean before we go to Stake Conference tomorrow.  Maeser Stake is getting a new Stake President and I'm going to see who it is.  The current stake president along with one of his counselors lives in my ward (Maeser 3rd ward), I'm sure that his wife will be more than happy to have him sitting by her in Sacrament meeting now; he's been in for 9 years.


=) Gayle

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jackson Baby #5

So yesterday I finally had my ultrasound, ya'know the main big one that [if you want to know] tells you the gender of your baby.

But of course, we Jacksons, we aren't interested in such superficial stuff as that!  LOL!  No really it's as my dearest hubby says, "By the time you're an adult, Christmas & birthdays are pretty well spoiled for you because you already know pretty much what you're getting.  But with a baby now, well just because you CAN figure out your baby's gender doesn't mean you Should!  So I don't want to know!  Our parents never knew with us..."

So at this point, well i tell myself that Baby #5 is a boy, and since we now have a girl, well it doesn't matter too much since this baby will have clothes no matter which he/she is.  I will pack an outfit for each gender, something for baby to look cute in for the hospital's photo shoot, and sort out the appropriate clothes at home.

But of course, i know you're really reading this post just to see any pictures that I might be posting, yes?  Well, not to disappoint you then.  I have a CD with 13 pictures on it, have uploaded them to my computer and am now in process of selecting just which ones I want to show.  Well maybe I'll just make it easy for myself and put them all up!  ;)

So here they are:

So....  I hope you enjoyed these views of Jackson Baby #5!

 I'm off to do laundry, wash dishes, clean house and/or take a nap... I need a nap, baby has me tired!

=) Gayle

ETA:  Oh yeah I forgot a few other choice details that I found out from the ultrasound.

Baby is measuring a bit big so my "new"  EDD is Feb. 10 (not that will mean much to me because baby will come whenever he/she wants to); measured in at 22 weeks 1 day, about 4 days ahead of the calendar.  Also, according to the measurements, baby now weighs 1 pound 1 ounce!