Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I've been sewing lately

Perhaps you didn't know, Jackson got fired from his job a few weeks ago after he dented the fender on "his" trailer.  Really a BS reason if you ask me, but of course I wasn't consulted.  Anyhow.........

Sewing has always been my stress reliever (except after Mom died, then it was just my grief therapy but that's a whole other story), and after I get to sew for awhile I feel so happy & calm.

So I felt like I needed a project to keep me focused and be happy for my children.  Then I remembered the Haiti Orphanage project for March that AC4C (Yahoo group), and I decided that I would make several skirts and pairs of pants for these children.  Now while these children are dying from lack of proper food and clothes won't help their hunger but they will be properly clothed so they can go to school -- so making the clothes will help me because it is a service that I can provide, and at the same time get my mind off my own problems.

Well, today I completed these skirts and pants, and will be sending them in a box along with a 'sweet little dress' [originally made for my Katelynn but I can always make her more dresses], formula samples, pencil sharpeners, diaper safety pins, receiving blankets, and 3 packages of (3 each) diaper shirts.  This little bit that I can do as a service for others is also a service to me too.

Now I'm going to try to insert some pictures and I hope it works.

Love ya'll,

=) Gayle

And a close-up of the "sweet little dress."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More pics of Katelynn Jackson

Some more pics of Katelynn with her Daddy & brothers or by herself!
Cute little outfit given to us by Cammy Winder; Katelynn Hates clothing changes, but she looks way cute in Pink!
Cole and Joseph with Katelynn

Taw & Katelynn

One of her first really good smiles I caught on camera

Later, pics of Katelynn in her blessing dress...      :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a short update

Last time I posted on here, was Dec. 3rd 2010.  Well 3 days later I gave birth to my mystery baby, and I got......... A GIRL!!!!  Most of you who know me, already know this though, sorry I'm not more with it.  We named her Katelynn Olea Jackson, and sometimes call her Katie for a nickname.

Wow!!! I can't believe that she is 3 months old already.  We blessed her on this past Sunday, March 6, 2011; I made this gorgeous dress for her (lol, though the dress shed a few of the decorations during Sacrament Meeting, and part of the skirt unraveled :( easily fixed though), and now my hubby tells me that I should make these blessing outfits (some of the cute little white satin tuxedos, infant size -  like I made for my last 2 sons; and blessing dresses) to sell.  Hmm... maybe....

Speaking of Katelynn's blessing, my brothers' Dale & Michael came with their wives and some of their family members, as well as my Dad & his wife.  I feel truly blessed because my brothers' came all this way from their homes to mine, and all on Sunday morning... we have the 9 am church schedule too!!!

Now I'm going to attempt to insert some pics of my baby girl from birth to age 3 months, though I haven't yet uploaded any of her in her blessing dress, I need to repair it first then take some pics.

Oh yeah, my sweet little guy Taw just had his 3rd birthday yesterday too.  Sometimes I can't believe he's 3 YEARS OLD already!

And now for pics....

This is the little white satin tux I made for Taw 3 years ago.  :)  Love it!

Joseph with Katelynn, sorry the year on my camera is way off  :)

Cole holding Katelynn

Katelynn, weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz, 18-3/4 inches long; the thingy hanging off her imbilical cord stub sets off an alarm [at the doors] if someone tries to steal her

Katelynn about 6 days old