Friday, May 27, 2011


So I just joined this new website, Swap-bot, where you can join up to swap all kinds of things.  I'm way excited to do this, though all I'm going to do at first is just swap some postcards with people.  It's just fun to see what will come in the mail with my name on it.  :)  I just love getting snail mail, okay emails are fun too, but snail mail holds a special place with me... mostly perhaps because all I usually get are utility bills.

=) Gayle

Lofty Lou Giveaway over at Shwin & Shwin

Go check out this fun giveaway at Shwin and Shwin. If you blog, tweet, or post at FB on your wall, that's one entry, plus another for following Stitch to my Lou's blog, plus another saying which of her fun little accessories you like.

=) Gayle

Monday, May 23, 2011

SewChristine's giveaway

Go here to SewChristine get a chance to win this gorgeous bag she is giving away.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sewing... and other stuff... :)

yup, I'm blogging about more sewing.  I've been thinking about doing a re-vamp of my blog someday too... if I ever get tired of sewing.  LOL!  Yeah that's not going to happen though.  Today I'm making dresses for who else, but my sweet baby K who si sitting my my lap complaining at the moment because I won't sit closer so she can drool on the keyboard... okay and she's teething so life is extra miserable. 

I've also been spending scads of time crocheting, hmm maybe I can insert a photo here and you can see what I'm talking about.  
Then if you like what you see, you might maybe consider wandering over to my Etsy shop & buying a few for yourself.  :)  Use the coupon code: FandF15 to get 15% off your order... and then you might get another coupon in the mail to use at a later date.  :)  I love these flowers, they work up so quickly, and do make babies look cuter too.  I gotta make a tri-color purple one to go with baby K's Easter dress (which I stashed away the day after Easter but finally found again yesterday).  Here's a look at that dress:

Okay so this isn't the best pic I ever took, but you get the basic idea.  I got the dress pattern from Leila and Ben's cute little shop & the sweet little pleated Mary Jane shoe pattern from Shwin and Shwin's blog.  I need to add some elastic to the sleeve hems (maybe shirr them), and I did not love the length of the dress, so will either add a 3 inch ruffle to the bottom or make a skirt to be worn underneath - am leaning towards the skirt idea, because it can be worn other times too.  I'll post a pic of the final finished project, maybe even on baby K.. if I can.   :)

Anyhow, the reason I'm blogging today is because I'm going to make one or two of  these, and maybe a cute shirred skirt or two, and then maybe a slip to go under baby K's dresses & skirts, if I have time that is & if baby K cooperates & has a nap.  I have the cutest fabrics to use plus a few remnants I've had for forever.