Friday, December 28, 2012

Plans for the new year

I don't like to do resolutions, because I can't seem to keep them, however, I do like to make plans (maybe not always write them down, but definitely little ones that I keep in my mind from time to time).

So plans for 2013 include:
  • Make 1 whole complete Quilt -- not very optimistic am I, huh?  But I know my track record, I have lots of half-finished or completely finished quilt tops but very few quilts to my credit that have been completely finished.  Most of these completed quilts have been for gifts for friends or family members, like wedding gifts.
  • Actually it should be make 2 quilts, I need to sew the blocks together and complete the Peel Family Reunion quilt.
  • Need to watch my spending more carefully -- friends of mine on the FL forum ( have been talking about tracking their monthly expenses on spreadsheets.  This is a pretty good idea, and I need to think about doing this too -- plus maybe make up a 
  • Price book.  I think that I could do this at about the same time, or along the same lines, as the track spending worksheet.
  • Spend less time on the internet and/or on the computer.  Of course when baby #5 comes, there won't be as much time to do stuff, but then I'll want to sit and admire my cute new baby too.
  • Refashion some of my shirts into tops or dresses for Dd2.
  • Work on making stuff to sell in my Etsy shop again.  Dd2 has some cute little tops that were given to us, I've been thinking about taking patterns from them and making some to sell.
  • Make a new blessing outfit for Baby #5 -- just been thinking of making one of each, and trying to sell the other one in my Etsy shop.  Now you may notice that I'm not putting a link to my Etsy shop, well that is because I have it on vacation mode as I've been so sick and out of sorts with this pregnancy.
  • Oh yeah, and I need to clean my house (it's not filthy, just doesn't get a thorough cleaning as often as it should).  Maybe I'll even
  • Hang some pictures on the walls.  Not to mention, get Dh to
  • put shelves in my linen closet, so that everything isn't piled up on the floor -- which offers Dd2 excellent access to everything!
  • I would also like to have a nice-looking shelf that I can use to display some cute stuff that I've got hanging around -- it would also come in very handy next Christmas to put my nativity on.
  • Did I mention that I've been feeling a hankering to sew again?  I have lots of fabric, I should either make clothes for my 4 beautiful children (yes even for the boys though is more fun to sew for Dd2) or make some quilts.  The very first technique I ever learned from my Quilting Guild friends was string piecing (go here for a great tutorial), just the same thing as shown on the tute except I used 6 inch foundation blocks (5-1/2 completed blocks) of plain muslin -- I have lots of ugly fabric, some of which is outdated stuff I inherited from my Mom's fabric stash, have been thinking about making some quilts (yes more tops) out of it, because ugly quilts can be just as warm.
  • Oh yeah, I should hang more clothes to dry on my drying racks, and even on hangers in the spare bedroom closet. Ya'know, save some electricity and all that.
Well I know there were more things that I've been thinking on, but I should think that is plenty for now.  I can certainly add more later.

Have a good evening, y'all.  Dh and Ds10 are busy playing the new hunting game from Cabella's that was Dh's Christmas gift to the family, and I need to get Ds4 and Dd ready for bed (plus check on the clothes in the dryer).

=) Gayle

Monday, December 10, 2012

Corduroy toddler dresses & patterns

I like to sew and have tried to include as much as I can in making in Christmas presents.  Now I already have a cute little dress picked out for Miss K's Christmas but i really want her to have a nicer long-sleeved dress as well.. but such things are in short supply around here.  So I've been thinking about making her a dress with long sleeves.  I will use the corduroy that I bought for this purpose last year, several pieces to choose from. I thought I had a picture of them but guess not.

Anyhow, I have been looking for possibilities for dress patterns.  I  think this one is cute, but would have to figure out how to make it long sleeved.  I love the tutorial that she gives for making the dress though, it's very detailed.

I really like the dresses from Leila and Ben, but I kind of want to not make this dress a peasant-style dress; though I may yet use their pattern if I don't find the kind of pattern I'm looking for.

I also like the long-sleeved dress shown here on this pattern:; cute little pinafore pattern that is included too.

This pattern too, the dress in darker turquoise green/blue and I know how to extend the sleeves.

I think that I could combine the jumper with the shirt in this pattern as well to make a dress like I am thinking of.  This one comes with the added bonus of a leggings pattern too.

Oh, just found this one too.  From McCalls instead of Simplicity.  ;)  Here again, I'd adjust the length of the sleeve.

And here are dozens more patterns just waiting to be discovered... but that will be for another day when I'm not feeling droopy because I want sleep.

Anyhow, these are just some ideas to help me along.  Someday when I get my camera out again, I'll post pics of my latest projects.

=) Gayle

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enveloping a quilt

Never before have i done this, though a few friends have told me time and again how easy it it is.  So when I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to make quilts for my boys for Christmas (I've still got bit over two months), well I knew I needed to find an easier way to do them.  And I remembered about the quilt enveloping technique (some people call it "bagging a quilt").  After much hunting, I found this tutorial and I think the author did a fairly good  job of explaining.

Someday I will have pictures to post on here of the quilts I make for my boys.  If I get really ambitious, maybe I will make quilts for Miss K as well as for the new baby.  I really ought to make a couple of blessing outfits for the new baby, one of each and then either give away or sell the one that doesn't get used.

=)  Gayle

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thinking about CD-ing

No it's probably not what you were thinking about, Cd means cloth diapering.  As much as I've spent in disposable diapers over the past 10 years I really think that I could have kept one or two CD companies very healthy.

Anyhow, after some  looking around, I really like the Alvas cloth diapers, go here to see what I mean.  I really like these.  For example, if I can make it work, here's one of their diapers:

1 BABY AI2 PRINT RE-USABLE CLOTH DIAPER NAPPY+1 INSER D2I really like the orange one too: 


They are quite reasonably priced too, these are just under $6 each, that's way better than the $10 or $12 each I've paid in the past for AIO's.

Anyhow, just something I've been thinking about.

Now i need to get my boys to give me their church clothes so I can make sure they are clean before we go to Stake Conference tomorrow.  Maeser Stake is getting a new Stake President and I'm going to see who it is.  The current stake president along with one of his counselors lives in my ward (Maeser 3rd ward), I'm sure that his wife will be more than happy to have him sitting by her in Sacrament meeting now; he's been in for 9 years.


=) Gayle

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jackson Baby #5

So yesterday I finally had my ultrasound, ya'know the main big one that [if you want to know] tells you the gender of your baby.

But of course, we Jacksons, we aren't interested in such superficial stuff as that!  LOL!  No really it's as my dearest hubby says, "By the time you're an adult, Christmas & birthdays are pretty well spoiled for you because you already know pretty much what you're getting.  But with a baby now, well just because you CAN figure out your baby's gender doesn't mean you Should!  So I don't want to know!  Our parents never knew with us..."

So at this point, well i tell myself that Baby #5 is a boy, and since we now have a girl, well it doesn't matter too much since this baby will have clothes no matter which he/she is.  I will pack an outfit for each gender, something for baby to look cute in for the hospital's photo shoot, and sort out the appropriate clothes at home.

But of course, i know you're really reading this post just to see any pictures that I might be posting, yes?  Well, not to disappoint you then.  I have a CD with 13 pictures on it, have uploaded them to my computer and am now in process of selecting just which ones I want to show.  Well maybe I'll just make it easy for myself and put them all up!  ;)

So here they are:

So....  I hope you enjoyed these views of Jackson Baby #5!

 I'm off to do laundry, wash dishes, clean house and/or take a nap... I need a nap, baby has me tired!

=) Gayle

ETA:  Oh yeah I forgot a few other choice details that I found out from the ultrasound.

Baby is measuring a bit big so my "new"  EDD is Feb. 10 (not that will mean much to me because baby will come whenever he/she wants to); measured in at 22 weeks 1 day, about 4 days ahead of the calendar.  Also, according to the measurements, baby now weighs 1 pound 1 ounce!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering September 11, 2001

Do you remember where you were on Sept. 11, 2001?

I think that most adult Americans alive at that time do.

I was using my sister-in-law's internet to do some research on a job I was trying to get when her sister-in-law called to tell her about the plane crashing into the World Trade Center.  Then of course I couldn't get back onto the internet as the phone lines were jammed from all the people trying to get through.  I was stunned, couldn't think of what to do.  My sister-in-law didn't have TV and I just couldn't think of where to go to see what was going on.

My husband later told me that I should have gone to Walmart or Radio Shack, some place that had TV's set up so I could have watched some of the footage -- though in later days we did see plenty.

That night we went with our Ward to the Temple, our session was packed with people, of course we were all there to do work for deceased people but we also wanted the spiritual comfort that one feels only in the Temple.

I have watched a few clips today from that day, here's a link to one collection:

This link is one that my cousin posted on his Facebook page today:

For all those who have given their lives for freedom's cause, and for the ones who yet  fight for our Nation's Freedoms, this day I fly my flag for you!!!  I pray for you too!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More pictures

Also want to post more pictures of dresses that I've made for Katelynn, these were mainly made in the Spring 2012.  May you enjoy.

 Another fun summery dress I made for Katelynn.
 This dress was one I made as a baby shower gift, the new Mom was thrilled.

I made this dress actually to sell in my Etsy shop, but it didn't, so I've been putting it on Katelynn recently for a church dress.  Lol, have been getting plenty of compliments on it there.

This fun little sundress i made for Katelynn, mostly because I fell in love with the fabric, now it is more or a tunic rather than a dress.


Just realized that it's been a heap long time since i last posted anything on my blog, gee I'm sorry about that.  LOL, Actually my brother-in-law did comment a week or so ago that I've not put anything on here in months, but I think it took this long for it to sink in.


A slight catch-up is in order.  Of course, i have lots of pictures that I've taken but just not posted, for example, the skirts I tried to make in time for my ward's annual Spaghetti dinner (but then my machine died on me, wahhhh).  These cute little skirts are lined with white muslin, the lining doesn't have the ruffle though.    The orange skirt is size 4-5, the orange/turquoise striped one is 6-7 and the pink skirt is 8-10.

I made these skirts in May I think.  I'd also posted them on my Etsy shop, which I have put in vacation mode until I feel better. But more about that later.

Actually all my big news at once, because I'm feeling awee bit dizzy, and want to go lay down for a bit after I change K's bum.

In june I discovered I am pregnant with baby #5, we will keep baby#5's gender a secret, even from us.  I am only at 16 weeks so we haven't a clue yet either, but like with Katelynn, we don't plan to find out.  Baby #5 EDD is Valentine's Day 2013, I never get to my due dates, so baby will likely come early Feb. or late January -- I'd take his/her arrival on my Mom's birthday!

Also in June we bought a new-to-us, travel trailer.  WE bought it in Idaho Falls, ID, it's big,maybe bigger than we need but it's nice to fit in one spot when it starts raining while we are camping.

Kids are now back in school.  For a whole week now!  Last Wednesday, right after I'd dropped older boys off at school, I went to Walmart to acquire a few needed things.  Well,  I'd wandered all over that store, and got to the check-out stand, then without warning I fainted.  Store managers say that I had a seizure, but the ER doc we talked to at UBMC said it is likely that I was just shaking & jerking from having fainted -- until I know for sure what happened (and will likely never know because all my tests came back normal & no, no brain scan was done), I will maybe just say it was a seizure.  So my OB told me to go to bed & rest for at least a week to 10 days, well that time ends come Sunday morning.  I've tried to rest, but it's difficult.  You see....

Cole (boy #2) is getting baptized on this coming Saturday, September 1st and I kind of want my house looking cleaner than it is for that occasion.  Especially since my Daddy and maybe one of my brothers & his family will be coming this weekend.

Well, I will do what I can, and then hope they understand anyhow.

=)  Gayle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Muffins and knitting and such

Forgot to post about how it all has gone.

About the Banana Blueberry Lemon/lime yogurt muffins.  Well they tasted nasty at first fresh from the oven, but when 1 to 2 days old, they tasted wonderful!!!  I guess there really is some truth to letting your quick breads rest overnight before eating!

And the knitting... well I have 2 cotton dishcloths in the works, I did have another but it was almost 13 inches wide and that's just way too big for a dishcloth, so I ripped it out... that was actually kinds satisfying.  Then I got more practice of casting on.  My biggest dishcloth is probably no more than 2 inches long, but it comes along quite quickly when I'm not dropping then picking up said dropped stitches.  And I think that for now, I'm going to stick to knitting dishcloths because they are quick and easy projects, plus I just don't think I can handle anything bigger right now.

Good night y'all!  I think I will skip the bookmarks until tomorrow morning, I keep dozing off.  Plus the wind is blowing hard enough that the lights keep flickering so I think I will just take my chances with the potential for power loss.

Flowers & leaves

I can't recall if I've posted about this before but really who cares?  ;)


I finally found these cute little daisies though I was originally looking for  tiny sunflowers, then I found these leaves and I knew I was all set.


All set for what???  Well, to make some simple bookmarks like the one that was made for me.  Should I remember to do so, I will take a picture of it to show off.  Usually though when it's loose, it's hanging out of baby K's mouth, lol.  Makes a nice teething object I guess.

Basically, now, all you do is make a flower, then make a chain several inches long and then make a leaf at the end, or the other way around of leaf first then flower, which ever you prefer.

Anyhow, now I'm going to try it, so I will post about how it went later.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ugh, I can't handle it

Too much teal, I gotta go change the color to something else less bright, maybe the nice soft green they've got.  Otherwise I like the new layout of my blog.

BTW, thanks to everyone who's following me.  It means a lot, really, especially as there are months sometimes in between my blog posts, then I blog 4 times in one day (like today).   Please forgive me any typos that I have missed, I try to catch them all, but do miss a few.  I just can't seem to spell "the" and "just" right on the first try unless I'm really concentrating on my typing, other words get messed up too though especially at night when I'm tired.

Now I'm gonna go watch that lady's tutorial again just to make sure I got the casting on part right, then I'm going to commence knitting.  I have to admit to some excitement!  ;)  Have a good night, y'all!

=) Gayle


Well they look beautiful!!  Exactly the way that muffins w/ blueberries are supposed to look.  However, let this be a lesson to us all, LEMON YOGURT & Bananas DO NOT mesh well in the baked muffin flavor scheme.  Instead they served to make me feel slightly nauseous!  Dang, I knew I should have left that last banana for baby K to munch on for dinner, but no i had to use it up.

On the other hand, the muffins taste delicious when you think of the blueberries, sunflower & flax seed... they are a bit bland though.  I guess I really shouldn't have shorted the recipe of the sugar either, but I was being experimental, and it got me a lovely-looking muffin that I'm not sure that I can eat anymore of them.  Good thing that my boys love them though!!!  Because I doubled the recipe & got 3 dozen muffins (I make mine a bit smaller, my kids don't know any different). 

Now I want a tasty Blueberry muffin, but from my Nut Bread recipe... unaltered recipe.  Perhaps tomorrow after Church, I'll make some more muffins, after all I do have another package of fresh blueberries needing to be used up.  This time I'll follow the recipe exactly with no excessive alterations (though I do admit to putting in more blueberries & extra sliced almonds in as well as some ground flax seed, but those only add to the goodness of the recipe).

Trying something new

I went looking for a way to spread out my blog a little, I wanted to have 3 columns of print, well I got them now, but somehow along the way I managed to mess up my color scheme too.  Then my kids interrupted me a few times and I lost the one that was quite close to the way I had it before, now I guess I'll stick with the teal one for a little while.  Still gotta bake those muffins, the batter is halfway mixed up, and I'm feeling kinda frustrated right now too so I think that I'll give the internet a rest and just crochet while listening to a book on CD for the rest of the time while baby K is sleeping (oh finally sleeping).

I feel really tired too, so if this post seems garbled, that's why.  Plus my head hurts & my 3 yo son keeps showing up with miscellaneous questions & comments about why can he play outside... then there's the poppy underwear of said boy above that needs scrubbing, and 9 yo son wants to sit & read with me or make flying noises while I'm trying to listen to said CD, then 7 yo son wants to eat and play outside ONLY - no chores today okay Mom? Except, there's no way I'm cleaning ALL of their stinky bathroom by myself, you make the mess you clean it up... and your room too needs to be cleaned up, or we'll get a backhoe in here to clean it for you!

**GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR** Hear the tired, frustrated, grumpy Mommy roar!!!  Back to the muffins now, they are looking pretty good.  I'm using a yummy Lemon Yogurt recipe I've had forever and just throwing in a lot of extras, then hoping it tastes as good as I want it too... plus am decreasing the sugar because I added extra yogurt so I could decrease the oil.  And on I run.......

Trying to teach myself how to knit... again

The thing is, I still remember hwo to knit & purl, but the big hang-up for me is that I jsut can't seem to recall how to cast on.  Well I've been hunting around YouTube in hopes of finding someone who's posted a vid showing the same way of casting on that I learned as a child in Shelly Watson's 4-H class (at least I think her name was Watson, do you remember Amelia?).  Anyhow, I'm fairly sure that this vid is the same way I learned all those years ago (coming up on 30 years ago), well apparently this link goes to a group of vids (videos/movies).  I'm not talking about the casting on method the lady calls the e-loop, which while it's easy,  hear that it's not very stable.  Oh no, I'm talking about the long tail method (or so I've seen/heard several people refer to it).  Here's another link, this lady explains it quite well especially as the other lady left a very important detail out, as in which hand holds the tail & which hand holds the working yarn, oh yeah super important stuff that! 

Anyhow, once I get the hang of casting on, then I'll practice knitting & purling, maybe for a cotton dishcloth.  By then I would think that I could remember what I'm doing long enough to have it emblazoned into my short-term memory & be able to do more with it than just a simple dishcloth.

In the meantime, I'll also keep on crocheting, something that I love that it doesn't take 2 needles to do.  After I find my knitting needles, well then I'll give some of these tute's (tutorials) a try, then I'll post again about my results.

For now, I'm off to make Blueberry muffins w/ yogurt and maybe that last sad-looking banana & some ground flax seed as well -- YUM!!!  Oh mustn't forget to put nuts or sunflower seeds in too... to me, baked goods are just so much better with the addition of nuts & seeds!!!

Have a great day y'all!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Birthday Flowers

Just wanted to show off this gorgeous bouquet of flowers that my hubby gave to me... he may not have been home to pick them out personally but I think that Vernal Floral did a fantastic job of making them up.  Ahh that man knows just what I like!  ;)

Yellow Dress is done!!

I finished the yellow under-dress for the turquoise jumper/dress that I made yesterday.  So here's a few pics I took tonight.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Now I need to go catch some needed sleep.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 hour baby jumper/dress

Yep, I've been sewing again.  I love it, I just can't get enough of it, it's like I'm trying to make up for the year or so where I didn't sew a stitch until I made baby K's blessing dress, then didn't sew again until June last year.  Anyhow, now that I have this little shop, I want to make cute baby clothes to sell, but first I've been trying the patterns out on baby K.  So, here's the latest item, a reversible baby jumper which some might call a dress [but my Mom always called these "jumpers" so I do too].

Now I sewed the whole thing together in under 2 hours, but I cut it out on another day.  However it's an easy pattern to cut out, so anyhow here it is.  I used this pattern,
but I lengthened and widened the pattern after I traced it off (then figured out how to make the pattern big enough for a child up to 5 years). 
Then I used the two turquoise printed fabrics to make the jumper, but the bright yellow is going to be the under-dress for this dress, which can be worn as a dress on it's own.  The cute orange gingham is going to be made into a little blouse for my darling baby K to go with some pants I plan to make her from a gray w/ orange stripe sweatpants-type knit I've got (sitting on my dryer waiting for it's turn to be washed).  But that's another day's project.

And now for the jumper/dress.  It is sooo cute, and I couldn't believe how easy it actually was to make.  I have some gorgeous fine-whale corduroy I bought (at Walmart `cuz there's no where else to buy non-quilting cotton fabric around here other than the quilt shops), 3 different pieces, so this is great practice before I start working with them.  Now without further ado....

Just so you know the pics of the jumper was taken last night at like 1:30 am so after dark so the colors don't show up as good.  And now... on to change a couple diapers and to sew my lovely yellow under-dress for baby K.  Maybe if I get to it, I'll get the orange blouse cut out.  I'll be using Leila and Ben's pattern for 12-5T (but the pic on this one is so much cuter) to make the yellow under-dress as well as the orange gingham blouse.  I really like this pattern (and no I don't get anything for saying so).  Oh, the dress I made for my 300 fans on Facebook Giveaway is from this pattern, I used lots of shirring with I love!!  Here's another look at that dress.  Just look at the grin that popped out when I pulled out the camera, wasn't she such a cute model for this dress?

I just love peasant-style dresses & tops.  Maybe I'll even make some for myself someday.  And now off to sew some more...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another fun one

You may have noticed that lots of my posts lately include links to fun stuff I want to try sewing.  Anyhow here's another one, well two actually.  Links to sewing your own business card holders, the first one is super easy, makes me want to go buy some thin clear vinyl to make one for me (and maybe a couple as gifts, she don't want us selling her ideas), here's the link to that one, did I mention it's easy?  ;)  Like 3 steps.

Okay now the other business card holder pattern is here, when it's folded up, it looks like a cute little fabric wallet.


Now you might wonder why I'm posting these, well I'm kinda tired of packing my cards around in my pocket where they get crumpled (because I hate packing a purse around, but I think I can handle one of these little card holder thingies).
I've had this idea running through my mind about how to make one, so I had to google patterns this morning (either that or doze off on keyboard).  These 2 aren't really what I want but I think I will make one of each for sewing practice (especially the one with vinyl), then try to make up my idea.  It's kinda a cross between these too, but different yet.  I love sewing so these will just be fun.

=) Gayle

Tuesday Jan 3rd... record posting day for me!

I think I posted 4 times in a row that day?!  Hmm... but I was just excited because I'd found so many fun things I just wanted to share with everyone (not that very many are interested in my blog, I know it's pretty boring lately).

Today I'm just kinda blah... then I go cough cough cough, hard as can be then I feel like crap again.  I couldn't relax and get to sleep until almost 5 am this morning, I woke up at like 7:43 am so I got a bit of sleep, but I think this might be one of those days when I lay on the floor & let the kids play on or around me. 
Part of my not sleeping is because hubby is gone to Kansas for 3 months, though he might get to come home for a week or so each month; and other part is because I get settled & comfortable then I start coughing like crazy until my lungs burn, my throat feels on fire & my heart is racing crazily.  I feel like it's the same cold baby K has but then again it seems related to this breathing issue I have & still need to get tested for (to see do I have asthma or is it COPD), guess I should try harder to find out, but it's hard to go out in public when you feel so crappy and people look at you weird when you cough hard like that.

Today though I hope to have a nap then get some sewing done.  I really miss sewing & plan to get a bunch done while hubby is away; plan to crochet up a bunch of my flower hair clips, say 3 or 4 of each solid color of yarn I have to be ahead a bit in case I start making a bunch of sales this winter and I can be ahead.  Have been thinking of all kinds of other things to make to add to my Etsy shop inventory, and I plan to give some sneak peeks of what these are in coming days & weeks on here.

For now though, time to go take care 3rd son T as he's still not potty trained (though he'll grumpily go sit on it if I tell him to, just won't do it on his own & hides away when he goes in his diaper); have decided not to push it much right now though, just too exhausted to care much.  Seriously if this stubborn kid of mine wants to have a sore bum, so be it!

=) Gayle

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Perhaps I should have put this post first before every other one I've written today, but my mind runs in circles sometimes.

So we had a great Christmas, sadly I neglected to think about taking any pics until AFTER everything was cleaned up!  *smacks forehead*  What was I thinking??  Oh yeah, nothing apparently!

We had a great Christmas though my kids thought they'd die.  I told my boys ('cuz really Katelynn didn't really care) they could ONLY get into their stockings on Christmas morning but NOTHING else until after Church. LOL, thank goodness we had the early block, yup 9 am church, but the last one for a year, yay!  I knew we'd not get to church otherwise, and I really wanted to go because it was only for an hour and I was pretty sure it was going to be mostly music.  ;) 

So stockings only, then breakfast, Church, then home to change clothes b4 opening presents... which we did quite well, all the while smelling that delicious ham cooking!!  Yum!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & a fun-filled New Year's Eve/Day!

=) Gayle

Something else fun I just found

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do SMOCKING? Yeah? Me too.   Well, I've just been reading along on Sew Homegrown, and up pops a tutorial by the blog author's Mom on SMOCKING! Yay!  Here's a link you can use to check it out!  I'm going to go finish reading about it, then I'm going back over to Crochet Spot to finish reading about the Magic Adjustable Circle because I got distracted.  ;)


I love the way little girls' dresses look so cute with smocking on them, guess it's time for me to get sewing again!!

Oh yeah, here's the rest of the story to go with the link for smocking above!

=) Gayle


Just viewed my "public" blog.  Guess I really need to update the photo of my family, since Taw (baby in pic) is almost 4, and of course my little Katelynn is no where to be seen there.  Now she's going to be 13 months old this Friday!  Wow, how times just flies along!

Another crochet link

Have I mentioned the CrochetSpot before?  No?  Well It's a great place to go visit if you like to crochet as much as I do, there's always new patterns she's made up (well there's more than just one "she" I guess).  But today, I like the article on how you can use the "magic circle" in more than just starting out your piece.  I haven't read the whole article, but will.  So you want to see it?  Alright, go here to check it out!  I'm on my way there right now too.  ;)  Plus on the main page, there's a new pattern for a sweater I want to go drool over... because I'm just not brave enough to make sweaters yet.

=) Gayle