Thursday, August 1, 2013

August is here

Wow, summer has just flown by.  It seems as though school just got out and it was June and high heat temps were bearing down upon us, now we have just a few weeks left before school starts up again on August 20th.

I sneaked over to the District's website to check out dates & such.  Registration for Elementary schools (thankfully I still have one more year of all mine in one school) is August 6 & 7, Maeser is open from 8 am to 3 pm, lol 1 hour earlier than the other Elem. schools.

I think it has been a good summer, though not enough camping done for hubby -- though we did go for the full week after school ended to our now annual "Limestone Camp" and again over July 4th to 6th for a Paul Peel Reunion.  I volunteered to be in charge of next year's Paul Peel Family Camp, I am thinking of the 2nd weekend of June, when it is still pretty on the mountain (all in the Paul Peel Family come along).

Oh my, August 1st also means I need to call my ladies and get my Visiting Teaching report done.

Today I plan to can beans, I've picked 3 times, my last time was a nearly-full 3 gallon bucket from my 2 16-foot rows of bush beans -- next year I've got to get a lattice or fence put up, this bending over stuff hurts my back so bad!

I also picked apricots last week, I need to get those processed somehow, probably dry them into fruit leather.  I just lack the enthusiasm for getting the project done because it's just me doing the work.  Though my bigger boys are old enough to help, well sometimes they just make a bigger mess than I want to deal with.  However, I keep thinking I should not be denying them this opportunity to learn to work hard.  ;)

Alright, I've rambled much, so now am going to leave and go back to my hunt for inexpensive 64 ounce bottles of peanut butter -- though am beginning to think there is no such thing.