Friday, December 28, 2012

Plans for the new year

I don't like to do resolutions, because I can't seem to keep them, however, I do like to make plans (maybe not always write them down, but definitely little ones that I keep in my mind from time to time).

So plans for 2013 include:
  • Make 1 whole complete Quilt -- not very optimistic am I, huh?  But I know my track record, I have lots of half-finished or completely finished quilt tops but very few quilts to my credit that have been completely finished.  Most of these completed quilts have been for gifts for friends or family members, like wedding gifts.
  • Actually it should be make 2 quilts, I need to sew the blocks together and complete the Peel Family Reunion quilt.
  • Need to watch my spending more carefully -- friends of mine on the FL forum ( have been talking about tracking their monthly expenses on spreadsheets.  This is a pretty good idea, and I need to think about doing this too -- plus maybe make up a 
  • Price book.  I think that I could do this at about the same time, or along the same lines, as the track spending worksheet.
  • Spend less time on the internet and/or on the computer.  Of course when baby #5 comes, there won't be as much time to do stuff, but then I'll want to sit and admire my cute new baby too.
  • Refashion some of my shirts into tops or dresses for Dd2.
  • Work on making stuff to sell in my Etsy shop again.  Dd2 has some cute little tops that were given to us, I've been thinking about taking patterns from them and making some to sell.
  • Make a new blessing outfit for Baby #5 -- just been thinking of making one of each, and trying to sell the other one in my Etsy shop.  Now you may notice that I'm not putting a link to my Etsy shop, well that is because I have it on vacation mode as I've been so sick and out of sorts with this pregnancy.
  • Oh yeah, and I need to clean my house (it's not filthy, just doesn't get a thorough cleaning as often as it should).  Maybe I'll even
  • Hang some pictures on the walls.  Not to mention, get Dh to
  • put shelves in my linen closet, so that everything isn't piled up on the floor -- which offers Dd2 excellent access to everything!
  • I would also like to have a nice-looking shelf that I can use to display some cute stuff that I've got hanging around -- it would also come in very handy next Christmas to put my nativity on.
  • Did I mention that I've been feeling a hankering to sew again?  I have lots of fabric, I should either make clothes for my 4 beautiful children (yes even for the boys though is more fun to sew for Dd2) or make some quilts.  The very first technique I ever learned from my Quilting Guild friends was string piecing (go here for a great tutorial), just the same thing as shown on the tute except I used 6 inch foundation blocks (5-1/2 completed blocks) of plain muslin -- I have lots of ugly fabric, some of which is outdated stuff I inherited from my Mom's fabric stash, have been thinking about making some quilts (yes more tops) out of it, because ugly quilts can be just as warm.
  • Oh yeah, I should hang more clothes to dry on my drying racks, and even on hangers in the spare bedroom closet. Ya'know, save some electricity and all that.
Well I know there were more things that I've been thinking on, but I should think that is plenty for now.  I can certainly add more later.

Have a good evening, y'all.  Dh and Ds10 are busy playing the new hunting game from Cabella's that was Dh's Christmas gift to the family, and I need to get Ds4 and Dd ready for bed (plus check on the clothes in the dryer).

=) Gayle

Monday, December 10, 2012

Corduroy toddler dresses & patterns

I like to sew and have tried to include as much as I can in making in Christmas presents.  Now I already have a cute little dress picked out for Miss K's Christmas but i really want her to have a nicer long-sleeved dress as well.. but such things are in short supply around here.  So I've been thinking about making her a dress with long sleeves.  I will use the corduroy that I bought for this purpose last year, several pieces to choose from. I thought I had a picture of them but guess not.

Anyhow, I have been looking for possibilities for dress patterns.  I  think this one is cute, but would have to figure out how to make it long sleeved.  I love the tutorial that she gives for making the dress though, it's very detailed.

I really like the dresses from Leila and Ben, but I kind of want to not make this dress a peasant-style dress; though I may yet use their pattern if I don't find the kind of pattern I'm looking for.

I also like the long-sleeved dress shown here on this pattern:; cute little pinafore pattern that is included too.

This pattern too, the dress in darker turquoise green/blue and I know how to extend the sleeves.

I think that I could combine the jumper with the shirt in this pattern as well to make a dress like I am thinking of.  This one comes with the added bonus of a leggings pattern too.

Oh, just found this one too.  From McCalls instead of Simplicity.  ;)  Here again, I'd adjust the length of the sleeve.

And here are dozens more patterns just waiting to be discovered... but that will be for another day when I'm not feeling droopy because I want sleep.

Anyhow, these are just some ideas to help me along.  Someday when I get my camera out again, I'll post pics of my latest projects.

=) Gayle