Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Labor Day!

If you are traveling, I wish you all the best, and may no cops pull you over.  If you are at home, I hope you are able to accomplish all you are wanting to complete today.

=) Gayle

So glad it's a new day!

The first part of church was pretty rough yesterday, between a whining Taw & noisy Joe & Cole - I took Taw out once & really scolded him, he got very solemn but no tears.  One of those days when you're absolutely sure that everyone around is staring at you because of the antics of your children & you just want to crawl under the pew and hide.
After Sac. Meeting was over, I sent the other 2 boys off to their Primary classes & with Taw in hand, I was headed out the doors, when I heard someone calling me.  It was my friend, who with her family had moved to central Wyoming about 3 weeks ago; they had come back to work a bit more on things around their house to try to get it sold.  I visited with her for 15 to 20 minutes, before her family started asking, "Mom, when are we going? I'm hungry, etc."  I then invited then to come over last night for ice cream (homemade is the way to go, I can't stand to eat commercially prepared stuff now, it just doesn't taste right).
Now my boys have been asking for Root Beer Floats for a couple of weeks, I had a 2 liter of Root Beer, so I made up some beautiful vanilla ice cream (that clear Mexican vanilla is marvelous), it is pure white! 
We enjoyed our ice cream & root beer & catching up with our friends,though I don't think that their youngest [a boy] was very excited to play with my boys, whom were very happy to see him.  I will miss my friend so very much, but I do have her cell phone #, plus a physical & an email address for her now.  Her 2 youngest daughters are the babysitters we've been relying upon for the past 4 years and we miss them too.
My friend has always had this uncanny ability to cheer me up, and even though they will be about 4 hours drive away, I know that she is still my friend and I can still count on her too.  I love ya Celia!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love muffins!  Especially homemade muffins (my sister-in-law Maren can make some good muffins).

So I thought that I would make muffins for breakfast today, I knew my kids wouldn't complain.  I used my banana bread recipe, but used applesauce instead of bananas and tripled the recipe, though I don't use all the sugar it calls for.  This gave me enough for 12 jumbo muffins and 24 regular muffins; I now have 7 regular muffins left and the jumbo muffins are getting 3 extra minutes in the oven. I use the jumbo muffins for Jackson's breakfasts.

Yum, I will definitely have to make Applesauce Blueberry Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Muffins again; maybe next time I'll add in some wheat germ, use wheat flour (didn't have any ground), and some flax seed.  Hmm.. sounds good, doesn't it?!

Have a great Sunday!  Time for me to bathe a stinky Taw & get us all on our way to church!  :)

I can't believe it's September already!

Where has the summer gone??

I know what I did with part of my summer, I looked at my garden & wondered why it wasn't growing or why nothing was ripening! :(

We did some trips to both the local waterslide and a couple to the Splash Park.  A few of trips to the parks, and working on our yard.

Cole celebrated his 6th birthday on August 17th, just in time to start school.  This year in school, Joseph is in 2nd grade & Cole is in Pre-1st -- it is a class our school district offers for those children who did okay & passed Kindergarten but just aren't ready to continue to 1st grade.  It's a nice alternative for parents; I like it because he goes to school all day and isn't just repeating Kindergarten. 
Cole's teacher is one of our new neighbors, she lives about a block down the street; she has told me that they will go over everything he learned in Kindergarten then will go over what he will learn in the first 2 or 3 months of 1st grade so he will be very well prepared to go on.  Cole's only worry about this class was that he wouldn't be able to see his friends from Kindergarten, but Pre-1st is actually classified with 1st grade, so he'll eat lunch & have recess at the same time as his friends.

As for me & Jackson, we just keep plugging along.  I've had 2 Ultrasounds with this pregnancy so far; we've already planned not to try to find out baby's gender this time (we really want a girl, but I have told myself I'm just getting another boy - we have 3).  It was funny at 2nd US that baby was folded in half, even had we wanted to know gender, we couldn't have known.

I have started going on Facebook a lot lately, you can find me on there (if you want) under Gayle Peel Jackson.  I recently posted a bunch of fairly new pics, including one or two of our new house.  If I get time this week, I will post some pics here (if I can remember how to do it).

Ya'll have a good Sunday.  My muffins just beeped so I'd better go feed my hungry horde of boys, Jackson had to go to work today, so today will be a day at Church without him (lucky me:(  ).

=) Gayle