Monday, October 20, 2008

Just thinkin'

I was just thinking that perhaps after having not posted anything in sooo long that I shouldn't have posted abuot those stupid bugs. LOL, oh well.

It's beautiful this afternoon, and relatively quiet with both Joseph & Cole off to their little 4-H group (their little friend Nash's sister is their leader). Taw is just rolling and scooting around the floor & talking with lots of "ah aaahhhh yah" in several pitches & tones -- he found a squished milk jug that didn't get in the garbage and is pushing it around the floor. He does talk now though just "mum mum" and "dada dada," he's a very good baby and rarely cries unless very tired, very hungry or very smelly -- or if those teeth coming in are especially painful.

Speaking of the little guy, he truly is a miracle baby for us, and I am continually amazed at how well he is doing considering his poor start in this life -- very grateful for all the prayers, comments & love given to us on his behalf. If you want to read the latest on him (I don't want to post it twice), just go to (register) and view his page by requesting "TawCharlesJackson". I hope to have new pics posted of him there soon too, and here too eventually.

Box Elder bugs

Ugh, that time of year again. The box elder bugs are out in droves and in everything (including my hair when I walk outside) and crawling through all little cracks in walls, and around windows. Oh well, at least the rain stopped and we have sun -- though it's kinda hazy now.

However, the leaves on the trees are pretty and my boys are happy to play outside -- their most preferred thing to do next to watching TV all day of course.