Monday, November 24, 2008

life sure can be a pain

In fact in more ways than one, especially when you have sudden sharp unexplained pains.

You see, for several weeks now I have had moderate to severe pain around my kidneys, especially the right one. I have had blood & urine tests, but they didn't pick up anything abnormal. So my Doctor referred me to a Urologist, I will be seeing one in Price (UT) on December 1st for a consult. It will be interesting to see what s/he says... I don't even care so much if it's not a quick fix as long as I can finally get some answers about why I have had this pain.
Last year on March 17, I had a very bad bladder infection which quickly became an extremely severe kidney infection (if one can believe the ER doc) in my right kidney. In late April, I was still experiencing some residual pain around my kidney so I got to have a CT scan in early May, the result of that was that the lymph nodes around the kidney were inflamed -- the Dr told me that given time, between 4 to 10 weeks, they would heal & be okay. By the end of May, I felt completely better. But now this... *sighs* So it's life.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just thinkin'

I was just thinking that perhaps after having not posted anything in sooo long that I shouldn't have posted abuot those stupid bugs. LOL, oh well.

It's beautiful this afternoon, and relatively quiet with both Joseph & Cole off to their little 4-H group (their little friend Nash's sister is their leader). Taw is just rolling and scooting around the floor & talking with lots of "ah aaahhhh yah" in several pitches & tones -- he found a squished milk jug that didn't get in the garbage and is pushing it around the floor. He does talk now though just "mum mum" and "dada dada," he's a very good baby and rarely cries unless very tired, very hungry or very smelly -- or if those teeth coming in are especially painful.

Speaking of the little guy, he truly is a miracle baby for us, and I am continually amazed at how well he is doing considering his poor start in this life -- very grateful for all the prayers, comments & love given to us on his behalf. If you want to read the latest on him (I don't want to post it twice), just go to (register) and view his page by requesting "TawCharlesJackson". I hope to have new pics posted of him there soon too, and here too eventually.

Box Elder bugs

Ugh, that time of year again. The box elder bugs are out in droves and in everything (including my hair when I walk outside) and crawling through all little cracks in walls, and around windows. Oh well, at least the rain stopped and we have sun -- though it's kinda hazy now.

However, the leaves on the trees are pretty and my boys are happy to play outside -- their most preferred thing to do next to watching TV all day of course.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6

Hi everyone!

I have 3 main interests or loves. They are my Family, my religion, and the things i enjoy making.

My Family: I've been married for 8 years to a wonderful man, and we have 3 boys. Joseph is 5, and he'll be 6 in October -- he's very excited about going to Kindergarten this fall. Cole is 3, and he'll be 4 in August -- he's my little helper, though he's being especially stubborn about toilet training. Then there's Taw, our little miracle baby; he was born 3 weeks early on March 07 with a birth defect that nearly killed him but thanks to the quick actions of the Doctors at Primary Children's Medical Center (Salt Lake City, UT) he is doing ever so much better now, though he will need one more surgery.
Our Family lives near Vernal in Maeser (Utah), we are only 30 miles from the western border of Colorado on Hwy 40.

My Religion: I am, actually the whole family is, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS. Our religion is also known as Mormons. I love Jesus Christ and am so very grateful for the Atonement, and for all that our Church stands for. It is a very family oriented religion but our foundation is Jesus Christ.
When you become an adult, you are often asked to serve in "callings;" so my current callings are Visiting Teaching Supervisor and Humanitarian Aid Specialist.

The things I enjoy making are mostly due to my love of sewing, quilting & crocheting. I have many, many unfinished quilts (UFO's), though I have completed a few mini-quilts which are scattered around my living room. I really love to sew, so the quilting just gives me one more excuse to use my sewing machines (not that I really need an excuse). I do make clothing as well, though mostly just children's. I recently completed a beautiful miniature White Satin Tuxedo which I used for Taw's Baby Blessing on Sunday May 4th. I have also been making baby dresses, our friends in Craig, CO have been the recipients of those. I have been contemplating making Blessing/Christening Dresses and Boys' outfits for sale. Anyone interested?
As for the crocheting, well all I make anymore are hot pads [using the pattern that Mom learned on her & Dad's mission to Nauvoo IL] and occasionally dishcloths from cotton yarn. I have also made baby & large afghans, but I like the projects that don't require quite so much time to complete.

=) Gayle