Friday, December 27, 2013

Purple afghan and baby sweater

Okay so I promised I would post pictures of the purple afghan I am making for Miss K and the purple sweater I am making for baby E. I am amazed at how quickly the sweater came together, but I have had lots of time to just sit. So here they are:

Ok something funny is going on. I'll try later to post pics of the afghan from my phone. Lol. Maybe thAt's my problem, I'm posting from my iPhone.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gifts for men [Christmas or anytime]

One thing that I struggle with year after year is finding or figuring out some nice handmade gifts for men -- whether they be my hubby, my brothers and Daddy, or my nephews.  This year I am back to the same old thing and I have turned to the internet for help as usual.  Now, I am not going to post exactly what ideas I like just so that those whom I give to this year  don't figure out things ahead of time, but I am going to post links to the pages whose ideas I like best.  Then after Christmas, I will post what I did for this year... lol, if for no other reason than to remind myself next year.

So.....   here, and here and here and here and here  and here and here and here  and here and these are ones kids can make here

I hope I didn't duplicate any but if I did its because I was just so excited to share the great links I found.

Happy Gift-making.  I found lots of ideas.

Oh and last year (my reminder to myself), I made aprons for my brother L & his wife, a duffle bag for their son (I think), and cute skirts for their girls. 

This year I give to sister S & her family.  I've pretty well figured out the females, but the males.... well that is the reason for this post!  Enjoy!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Chilly December Day

Yay!!  Another post from me today.  I have been going through some of my posts and adding pictures in, and reading though old posts.  So that got me to thinking, I think I will make baby E some fleece pants, either from this pattern here

or from another pattern that I've got roaming my brain.  But since it has been so cold outside (did I mention our nights have been in the negatives? It was -7 degrees F this morning at 7 am), I have noticed that her little legs and feet are cold after crawling around (oh yeah, she's been crawling about a month now -- she may be walking before me).  So instead of making myself wide-leg pants to fit over my leg cast, as I discovered last weekend that my boot-cut jeans fit just fine over it, I may make her some fleece pants from the yellow and black fleece pieces I have.  Booties too, if I can get her to leave them on, otherwise I'll have to put feet on the pants.

I am moving slow though my brain is zipping along.  I have decided I want to make all of my children "car blankets" in the "quillow" pattern so that they will have something to keep them warm during car travel and they won't need to denude their beds -- these I do hope to finish before Christmas.  Easy part of that will be the sewing, the hard part will getting my hubby to take me shopping for fabric. 
Here's a pic of the pattern you can follow the link to:

How to make a Pillow in a Quilt

May you'll want to make some for your family for Christmas presents too.  ;)

Happy December Days

So its been 3 weeks now since my foot surgery, and I've done little except sit for all this time.  I did go to SLC last Tuesday, yes in the midst of that horrible snow storm (we got about 18-20 inches from it & the following storms), and get my permanent cast put on my foot, bright red for the season (and because I didn't like any of the other choices available, no golden sunflower yellow, sad for me).  Here we've been so careful for weeks and all that day, then when we got home (only 12-1/2 hours of driving for a normally 5-6 hour trip), I slipped and fell in the garage in melted snow water -- oh the pain, crying, bruises, etc that followed; I took pain pills for the first time since Thanksgiving night.  I actually ended up crawling into the house that night.

My bright red cast has also been decorated with my children's names, we promised them they could do this.  Lol, I must admit, I don't see many people with a cast on anymore that has been written on, has this become an old fashioned idea now?

However, I have started an afghan for my Katie's bed for the day she moves into Ellynn's room using this pattern (imagine it in soft  medium and light purples and cream), though my color scheme is a bit different.  I will take a picture when I have more done on it so you can see what I mean.  I have played with the pattern as I have been crocheting on it so some parts don't look exactly as shown here.

Ripple Afghan Closeup

Then I got thinking about making Ellynn a sweater, and went looking for an easy pattern this morning.  This one is what I found, I had  actually read it before so I hunted until i found it.

I will use the same colors of yarn for it as for Katie's afghan.  I sincerely doubt that I will complete either item before Christmas, though maybe the sweater as it looks to be easy.  I really like this version of the hexagon sweater though with its' cute ruffles so may do it instead of the basic one.

I am thinking of making 2 sweaters actually if the first one turns out as easy and cute as it looks, then will use this cute baby hat pattern to make matching hats, though without the stem and leaf.  She has a free downloadable pattern in several sizes, I really like that as I don't have to figure out my own then.  ;)

I think I will also start making flowers again for my Etsy shop, which has been in 'vacation mode' for over a year now, ever since I started fainting while being pregnant with Ellynn.  I may also make more flower (or other different motif) bookmarks too.  Lol, if not for me to sell, than for Ellynn to carry around in her mouth as she crawls -- it seems to be a favorite thing for her to do with mine.

I also need to figure out a few easy handmade Christmas presents too... but better not mention my ideas here (until later) just in case any of that family happens to read here.  ;)

And someday soon, I hope to get my children's pictures from Halloween posted here.  I am rather proud of the costumes I made for both Joseph & Katelynn (aka Katie).

Should I not post again until 2014, may you all enjoy a lovely (and warm -- it's been in the negative temps here already) Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year too.

=) Gayle

Monday, October 7, 2013

October and Foot Surgery

Well Folks, it's October now!  And it sure feels like it too!!!

UGH!!!  Cool today, better than last week's snow, rain, and night temps below freezing -- completely took care of any green life left in my garden, but that's okay with me.  Yep, it really did snow here in Maeser, at one point there was about 1 inch outside, but it had quickly melted before we went to bed.  Rain also fell extensively, and the cold temps outside were enough to make us all seek heavy blankets, winter coats, socks and slippers, and hot cocoa!  However, this cool day has turned out to be lovely with sunshine and light fluffy clouds, so I'm grateful for small things.

In other Jackson family news, I went to my appointment last Tuesday October 1st in SLC at TOSH (the orthopedic specialty hospital) to see Dr. James Morgan.  The end result of that being that he completely agreed with Dr Kelly Gomez (hurray! People actually agreed!!) that my foot would be better off by having the heel fused back under it and supporting the foot and ankle, rather than going with Dr Stan Phillips who insisted that I would need my whole foot & ankle fused together.  Dr Morgan said there is no reason to make me lose my range of motion in my foot while I am still young, and while I would need to be caring for my young children -- yay, I so didn't want to lose the limited motion that I currently have.  I will still limp, perhaps worse than I do now, but he thinks that much of the pain I feeling on the side of my foot will be greatly reduced.  Very happy to know that much of this pain that keeps me awake at night will be going away.
So.... surgery healing timeline is:  8-10 weeks non-weight-bearing, 8-10 weeks some weight-bearing (likely in a walking cast), then 2-4 months of additional physical therapy.  That sounds a whole lot better than 4 months non-weight-bearing, 3-4 months partial weight-bearing, then 4-6 months of additional physical therapy!!

Oh don't get me wrong, I know,  I KNOW, that this is going to be difficult for me to do.  I have 5 young children, ages almost 11, 9, 5, 2, and 8 months -- and I will only be able to do least minimal care for them.  Tasks that I take for granted to be able to do now, will be come extremely difficult and even impossible for me to do while I wait for my body to heal itself, however, I believe that this is the right time to get the surgery done. 

I have faith in Heavenly Father that he will help me get through this painful trial, and i am hopeful that I can find others in my Ward and neighborhood to help me with my concerns regarding getting my boys to and from school.  I have already talked to my Ward Relief Society presidency about them arranging meals for my family for the first couple of weeks, after which time I should have my pain regulated enough that I can help my family out a tiny bit.

I have begun to make freezer meals, and casseroles, that can be easily pulled out to put to cook either by my husband or by one of older boys - with Mom's supervision - for that night's dinner.  I am going to be teaching my older boys how to wash laundry.  I am sorting through clothes, and putting baby E's next sizes close at hand so should she grow out of her current size, then her clothes can be easily changed around.  Same thing for K who will be 3 in December.  The old out-grown clothes will be sold or given away (as will any sizes 0-3T boys stuff that I still have).

I will also be setting up a diapering station in my living room as I believe that starting to toilet train K now would be a bad idea.  I plan to continue to breastfeed baby E, and have done extensive research regarding nursing and anesthesia/pain killers coming out in breast milk, and I believe that we will be okay.

But if anyone wants to come stay with us to help for awhile, I will be thrilled.  Our guest room is always ready for visitors (okay I need to clean off the out-grown clothes first, but that takes just 5 minutes).

I fully admit to being a bit scared about this coming event in my life, but I am determined to put my faith in Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.  Maybe I will even be able to get some sleep between now and then too... well a girl can always hope, yes?

And now, my darling daughter K has informed me "I stinky Mama, change me," so I'm off to take care of her before we need to go pick up her brothers from school.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September is half over

Wow, I just got used to August being here and then school started, now September has blown in and is more than half over.  On this day 12 years ago, we were signing our rent agreement with Mrs. Mary Ellen Olsen - then we lived there another 7-1/2 years after that first year.

I just have to chuckle now though.  Little E has been running a fever (so Not funny at 100.4), but when I [try to]give her fever reducer, she scrunches up her face, purses her lips and turns her head away -- kind of grumbles at me too.  She grudgingly accepts it and swallows when its squirted into her cheek, but there's none of the opened-mouth eager reception her siblings had done as babies.

Speaking of little Miss E, she's 7-1/2 months old now.  She is the daily delight of our family, no one gets the chuckles from her better than her brothers and sister, oh especially her sister.


Happenings with the Jackson family:  I canned 6 quarts and 1 pint of very concentrated plum juice yesterday (works much faster in little bodies than prune juice from the stores, probably makes fantastic jelly too), and I need to get the pulp out of the dehydrator now too, its all dried into fruit leather.

I did end up canning 7 quarts of tomatoes on Labor Day Monday.  The 2 more that didn't fit in canner went into fridge.

A week ago, Monday Sept. 9th, I had a molar pulled (lower right side), it was deteriorating pretty good with nothing to bite against.  I wonder how long my jaw will hurt thought because last night my jaw felt like it was on fire, so I took a Ibuprofen and a Tylenol Extra Strength -- woke up about 1 am with jaw still throbbing so I took a Lortab, that did the trick.

A few days after tooth pulling, I called SLC  to Dr James Morgan's office and got my appointment moved up 6 weeks to October 1st.  I also got on his surgery schedule for November 18th.  Really, I would like to wait until E is a year old and walking, but my foot [and ankle] is falling apart too fast and hurts so badly that waiting unnecessarily is foolish, besides we met our deductible with E's birth this year.

Last night Cole received his Wolf at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting, hurray for him 'cuz that was a lot of hard work (for us both).  Next month's Pack Meeting, Joseph is to get his Arrow of Light, big Hurray for him -- our ward likes to do these in bunches, so even though he won't be 11 yet, they are still doing it then because another boy is getting his then too.  He won't get his Webelo until November though.  I need to remember to invite my Dad and stepMom to come though I imagine they won't be able to because Tuesdays are their Temple day, but will still try.

Soon it will be time to make Halloween costumes, and while I'm sewing, I'd best make Christmas dresses for the girls.  Just had a thought of making red ties for the boys too.  But speaking of  Halloween, K is very much into "princess" so thought I'd make her a princess outfit in pink of course.  And maybe make E either a black cat or tiny witch

I'm finding myself dozing off and baby E is nearly back to sleep, her Daddy's alarm woke her at 4 am, it's now almost 5:15 am.  I guess it's time to put us both back to bed.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Well September is here.  No don't think that I am happy about this.  My boys are in school, yep all three go now, as just last week my little T started Kindergarten on 28 August.

Here he is with K along side of him on the first day.  Let me tell ya, she WAS NOT HAPPY to leave that school and him behind, I think that she cried for an hour.  The next day I was prepared for that (and I fed them both early too), so I drove around a bit after we left the school.  Both she & E fell asleep before I got home and I got an hour or so to do my own projects.

So September means canning and also that baby E is growing.  Even as I am typing she is rolling around on the floor at my feet.  She discovered that she can do this new thing on her brother C's birthday (he turned 9 on Aug. 17, wow my babies are growing up) and whenever she is laid on the floor, she practices her new accomplishment joyfully (and sometimes loudly too).  Then... the next new thing she did was cut her first tooth (bottom middle) on the very next day, same day as G-ma Emalie's birthday.  Well lots of fuss, crying, and whining later, and last night she cut her 2nd bottom middle tooth.  Hurray for her.  Maybe now she & I can now both get to sleep before midnight?  Well I will hope.

Here is Miss happy herself!!  E is indeed a very happy baby, a good thing as J is started into puberty so he is 10 going on 15.

Enjoy your Labor Day everyone (well those in the USA).  My hubby & boys are up in the mountains cutting firewood to use in our new wood stove, but that is a post left for another day.  As is the story on me probably needing foot surgery in the not-too-distant future.  For now, I'd best get started on canning the buckets of tomatoes I have spread around my kitchen.

Baby Headbands and Crochet

So baby E is 7 months old now, and as I sometimes do, I put a cute [made by Mama] crocheted flower on a headband on her yesterday for Church.  Well, as usual, there was a red mark on her soft little head where the closure of the headband had rested. So... I was thinking just now that I should make her some crocheted headbands with some of my crocheted flowers.  And perhaps I can figure out a way to make them stretchy -- maybe crochet elastic thread  in with the yarn.  Now I know several people who've recently had baby girls join their grandchildren, so maybe I will practice on E and then make extras for my friends.

So these are patterns I've found that I like.

And a very cute purse I could make up to give to my equally cute 2 yo daughter K:

And of course, my all-time favorite source for crochet, -- -- and the little girl's shirt in this one is cute too.

Just for a few ideas.   ;)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August is here

Wow, summer has just flown by.  It seems as though school just got out and it was June and high heat temps were bearing down upon us, now we have just a few weeks left before school starts up again on August 20th.

I sneaked over to the District's website to check out dates & such.  Registration for Elementary schools (thankfully I still have one more year of all mine in one school) is August 6 & 7, Maeser is open from 8 am to 3 pm, lol 1 hour earlier than the other Elem. schools.

I think it has been a good summer, though not enough camping done for hubby -- though we did go for the full week after school ended to our now annual "Limestone Camp" and again over July 4th to 6th for a Paul Peel Reunion.  I volunteered to be in charge of next year's Paul Peel Family Camp, I am thinking of the 2nd weekend of June, when it is still pretty on the mountain (all in the Paul Peel Family come along).

Oh my, August 1st also means I need to call my ladies and get my Visiting Teaching report done.

Today I plan to can beans, I've picked 3 times, my last time was a nearly-full 3 gallon bucket from my 2 16-foot rows of bush beans -- next year I've got to get a lattice or fence put up, this bending over stuff hurts my back so bad!

I also picked apricots last week, I need to get those processed somehow, probably dry them into fruit leather.  I just lack the enthusiasm for getting the project done because it's just me doing the work.  Though my bigger boys are old enough to help, well sometimes they just make a bigger mess than I want to deal with.  However, I keep thinking I should not be denying them this opportunity to learn to work hard.  ;)

Alright, I've rambled much, so now am going to leave and go back to my hunt for inexpensive 64 ounce bottles of peanut butter -- though am beginning to think there is no such thing.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Is it just me or is April flying by??!!  It's the 16th today, and hard to believe that this month is half gone.

Hubby is gone traveling for much of this week, son C went with him.  I am going to sew while they are gone, i am feeling the sewing bug biting again, going to make spring dresses for my girls, plus one of these for dd K.  I have the cutest fabric!

It's supposed to be spring but today is the 2nd day in a row that I have woken up to snow on the ground.  According to the KSL 5 Noon news, we actually have another day of potential snow, and definitely more of cold cold wind!

Yesterday during the Boston Marathon, some idiot set off 2 bombs (2 more were later found unexploded), killing 3 people, one of whom was an 8 year old boy who was there to watch his father run in the race.  How sad for this family, especially since the boy's mother is critically injured with a wound to her brain and his sister lost a leg to the same bomb blast that killed her brother.

It is good that there are still people in this world that are willing to come forward to help when the evil ones of the world decide to hurt and maim.  There are so many stories of the kindnesses shown after the bombings, shows there is still hope for mankind.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ellynn -- 2 months

Yesterday, E turned 2 months old.  I took pics of her today which I will post soon.

Already she is different, she is stretching her footed sleepers to the limit.  She looks around and is awake more.  She coos, gurgles and babbles more.  She even smiles a bit though those are still fleeting and rare.  She also (most nights) sleeps for 5-7 hour stretches at night, and sometimes I even get to sleep for several of those same hours.

Yesterday I also completed her blessing dress, it doesn't look quite how I'd envisioned that it should but it is very close.  Perhaps i shouldn't have ruched it in 4 spots, maybe only three; and maybe I shouldn't have done 2 lines, and only did one.  But it is DONE!! And I do think it is beautiful!  E will be lovely and if I get one compliment on the dress I will be happy -- actually I don't need compliments to make me happy, they are just the icing on the cake (making a good thing even better).

Spring Break & life

It's the first day of Spring Break for my older boys.  It's not even noon yet and already they are driving me crazy with their bickering and picking of fights with their little siblings. Why??  "Well T and K are just getting into our stuff and we don't want them in our room."  Nothing new there. "Well just be nice to them and let them play in your room with you"  says I.  "Wahh.." says they.

Oh my!  I never would have made a good school teacher, so glad I never even tried too.  Because I'd have almost literally pulled my hair out before day's end.  I want to do that now.

Yesterday on Facebook I found a link to this guy's blog, he explains how I feel about fighting children oh so well.  I'd rather just tie & gag mine than hold them under water though.  ;)

So why would i really care about the fighting of my children?  Well this weekend is Easter, but it comes every year so no surprises there.  BUT, this year... it is also the Sunday when we are blessing our little Ellynn.  So... I am trying to get my house cleaned up, plus take care of my now 2 months old newborn, plus keep K out of stuff she doesn't need to be in, plus keep T from having anymore meltdown tantrums (and picking on K And waking up E) and also somehow keep the big boys entertained.  Well actually I've decided that I'm not going to entertain the bigs, they are in fact going to help me get house cleaned and ready to have a bunch of my family descend upon us Saturday and Sunday.  If the bigs don't like or cooperate with this, well I'll revoke their allowances AND electronic rights!!

Perhaps they will work if I promise we can play on Monday, no foolin'.  Its going to be in the 60's, maybe we will do a park day.

I do love my children, I just thoroughly dislike their recent behavior and mouthy attitudes -- I mean my boys here, though they are certainly teaching their younger sister poor behavior too.

On a happier note, I did get E's blessing dress completed last night, it is a white satin dress with a ruched white eyelet overlay.  I think that it looks very pretty, though I think that I got a little too exuberant with my ruching.  However,  I have once again remembered why I don't do zippers!  Ugh,it was supposed to only take me 30 minutes tops to put that thing in.  Nope, 2 hours later I finally finished with the thing and discovered that the outside (on the pretty side of the dress) was sewn crookedly... I stared at it then decided I could live with it as the dress wasn't going into a judged show. E won't care either and if i feel I need to fix it in the future well I can do that on a day when i have nothing else to do!  Haha... 

Am off to put E in her bed, persuade T & K to nap, and work on my dirty kitchen.  Well, maybe E can watch me clean since her brothers have now woke her up yet again. It is the continual story of my life.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ellynn - 1 month

Yesterday Ellynn turned one month so I took pctures of her to celebrate.  She didn't really appreciate the idea as you will see.  If my typing is worse than usual, well I'm typing one handed as i NAK (nurse at keyboard).  Left handed this time.

These taken today.  This outfit is one sent to me by my friend Rinty from the forum, she's so cute in the pink sleeper, though Rinty has a different name for it.

Happy last day of February!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ellynn Frances Jackson

Hey Everyone!!

I'm only about 3-1/2 weeks slow in writing this but I've been busy, really busy.

So I had my baby, we got us another girl, so that gives us 3 of a kind plus a pair -- in other words,in poker talk, we got us a full house!  ;)

We named the new baby Ellynn (prounounce it like Ellen) Frances (for my Mom who died over 8 years ago).  She is a dark haired beauty with blue/gray eyes, and is well-loved by her siblings.  In fact her 2 oldest brothers fight over who gets to hold her and they pout when they don't get to hold her enough each day.  Lol, I think if Mom didn't need to breastfeed her and change her diapers (no one wants that job among my males), they'd hold her 24/7.

Anyhow so I was induced into labor with her because of my continued ultra-high blood pressures (several of 170/100 plus 162/97 were the final culprits), starting on January 26th (my Mom's birthday), and she was finally born at 6:11 am on January 27th.  Her stats were:  7 lbs 13.2 oz, 20 inches long; lol, her 2nd oldest brother was 7 lbs 14 oz and 20-1/2 inches long so just slightly bigger than Ellynn.

Because she was born so quickly (2-1/2 pushes & she was out), her lungs didn't have time to empty of the fluid in the birth canal... she had developed an infection in her lungs causing there to be holes in her lungs, the right lung was leaking air bubbles that were preventing her lungs from inflating properly.  Called pneumo thorax I think.

So.... Ellynn got to have her first airplane ride at 7 or 8 hours of age, off she went to the Newborn ICU at University Hospital in Salt Lake City [UT] with her Daddy along for the ride -- thank goodness her Daddy was along to tell that ambulance driver a few things about driving in the snow (there was a massive winter storm happening on that Sunday and it was really really REALLY bad out in the SLC valley, enough that the plane was diverted to another city and they had to drive up).  Mom got to stay behind in Uintah Basin Medical Center to make sure she was going to be okay from having just had a baby and was going to get an infection of her own, Mom was NOT happy about that, oh well.

Ellynn had received a Priesthood Blessing from her Daddy and from Dr Morrill before she left, between that and her own strength, she rallied enough that within a day she was breathing on her own and also off IV fluids -- just had IV's for her antibiotics to help close up the holes and clear up the infection.  Daddy also discovered that this little girl loves to EAT and poop!!  Just formula while she was in the NBICU, but Mom came Wednesday afternoon to teach her how to drink Mom's milk straight from the tap -- it was touchy for a bit but we succeeded fully!

She was released from the NBICU on Wednesday evening, though Mom & Dad stayed in SLC for another 2 days to make sure all was well and to attend a Dr's appt. at the Pediatrician's clinic on Friday.  After 2 more chest scans, her lungs were clear of holes and the bubble[s] were gone! 

Home again, and just weekly visits to her Pediatrician for weight check-ups, she was 7 lbs 9-1/2 ounces at the first one on Feb. 5th.  Then 7 lbs 8-1/2 ounces at the Feb 12th one which had her Dr concerned and talking to me about supplementing, he said he'd give her another week to get her weight up at least back to her birth weight (oh come'on, anyone with a rough start to life deserves awhile to get back to normal, right?) -- during that week this Mom drank more fluids, pumped & nursed more, and researched greater-milk-producing tips to try out.  So on Feb. 19th, back again, guess what?!  She weighed more!!  Above her birth weight even!  She was 8 lbs 4-1/2 ounces... lol, some of that was no doubt due to her very wet diaper, but I wasn't taking an chances.  ;)

So many thanks to those of you who were joining me in praying for her still, I really appreciate it more than mere words can express.

Anyhow this is all well and  good, but I know that y'all really want to see her!  So without further ado, here are some pictures.  The ones of her in pink (a newborn outfit that is practically falling off her skinny frame) are oldest, the other was taken just a few minutes ago.  So.... I give you Ellynn Frances Jackson!!

Isn't she just the prettiest little pink thing you've seen in a couple of days???!!!  Of course, I am rather prejudiced too!

Lactation tips were to take any of all of the following: lots of fluids 2-4 quarts a day, Mother's milk tea,  fenugreek (or fennel) capsules, Blessed Thistle capsules (didn't do that one), Brewer's yeast tablets, and lactation cookies (with oatmeal, ground flaxseed meal, and powdered brewer's yeast).  Am going to go mix up my Lactation cookies right now -- hoping to increase my milk supply enough to have several days' worth pumped for emergencies.  Lol, an emergency to Ell's Daddy is when Mommy is out grocery shopping and she is awake & demanding food -- our sweet little baby gets ferocious when she's hungry & food doesn't show up immediately... she likes to nurse for 1-2 hours (or longer) at a time, then sleep for (sometimes) 3-4 hours.

Oh yeah, for any Peels/Jacksons reading this, we are blessing E on March 31st, that is our Ward's Fast Sunday for April because of General Conference.  Maeser 3rd Ward meets at 9 am, street address is 2575 North 1500 West, Maeser [Vernal] UT.  Send me an email if you want to come, please let me know by March 20th if you are coming... maeserquilter[at]gmail[dot]com, thanks & love to all!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year to you!

Well okay so I'm several days into the new month and new year, but I could have waited longer I reckon.

We had us a quiet New Year's Eve, by 10:30 pm everyone was asleep except for me (and maybe ds10 in his basement lair, but as long as he is quiet I don't mind him staying up late to read).  So New Year's Day we had our treats and snack foods all afternoon, maybe because this Mom was tired of cooking and just wanted a break.