Monday, December 19, 2011


Hi all,

I spent part of my weekend in my hometown of Mt. Pleasant (Utah) helping with the celebration my siblings and I had planned for my Dad's 80th birthday.  We'd had a birthday dinner for him on his birthday Dec. 16 at his home, then on Saturday we had an Open House for him to visit with all his friends and various relatives.

Anyhow, we also reminisced over our favorite "Daddy" memories; like when my Dad made his ice cream sandwiches for my sister Amelia's new in-laws just a few hours after she was married (her anniversary is coming up tomorrow, 15 years for her).  Dad's ice cream sandwiches consist of a slab of ice cream between 2 slices of his heavy whole wheat bread made in his bread machine, he likes to experiment with the liquid in his bread using pickle juice, green bean [cooking] water, or sweet potatoes for examples.

I love my family, and all we've done together; and what we still continue to do together or/and for each other.  The joy of family is indeed on of the true joys of life!

=) Gayle

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