Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thinking about CD-ing

No it's probably not what you were thinking about, Cd means cloth diapering.  As much as I've spent in disposable diapers over the past 10 years I really think that I could have kept one or two CD companies very healthy.

Anyhow, after some  looking around, I really like the Alvas cloth diapers, go here to see what I mean.  I really like these.  For example, if I can make it work, here's one of their diapers:

1 BABY AI2 PRINT RE-USABLE CLOTH DIAPER NAPPY+1 INSER D2I really like the orange one too: 


They are quite reasonably priced too, these are just under $6 each, that's way better than the $10 or $12 each I've paid in the past for AIO's.

Anyhow, just something I've been thinking about.

Now i need to get my boys to give me their church clothes so I can make sure they are clean before we go to Stake Conference tomorrow.  Maeser Stake is getting a new Stake President and I'm going to see who it is.  The current stake president along with one of his counselors lives in my ward (Maeser 3rd ward), I'm sure that his wife will be more than happy to have him sitting by her in Sacrament meeting now; he's been in for 9 years.


=) Gayle

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