Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Chilly December Day

Yay!!  Another post from me today.  I have been going through some of my posts and adding pictures in, and reading though old posts.  So that got me to thinking, I think I will make baby E some fleece pants, either from this pattern here

or from another pattern that I've got roaming my brain.  But since it has been so cold outside (did I mention our nights have been in the negatives? It was -7 degrees F this morning at 7 am), I have noticed that her little legs and feet are cold after crawling around (oh yeah, she's been crawling about a month now -- she may be walking before me).  So instead of making myself wide-leg pants to fit over my leg cast, as I discovered last weekend that my boot-cut jeans fit just fine over it, I may make her some fleece pants from the yellow and black fleece pieces I have.  Booties too, if I can get her to leave them on, otherwise I'll have to put feet on the pants.

I am moving slow though my brain is zipping along.  I have decided I want to make all of my children "car blankets" in the "quillow" pattern so that they will have something to keep them warm during car travel and they won't need to denude their beds -- these I do hope to finish before Christmas.  Easy part of that will be the sewing, the hard part will getting my hubby to take me shopping for fabric. 
Here's a pic of the pattern you can follow the link to:

How to make a Pillow in a Quilt

May you'll want to make some for your family for Christmas presents too.  ;)


chelsea mckell said...

I love seeing your passion for sewing and creating things! It's awesome.

And I'm so sorry to hear about your broken foot and surgery! And traveling 12 hrs to SLC in a snow storm - ugh! And then falling... oh man, ouch!!

Gayle said...

Oh Yeah Chelsea, not my idea of fun either, but I survived both. ;)