Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a short update

Last time I posted on here, was Dec. 3rd 2010.  Well 3 days later I gave birth to my mystery baby, and I got......... A GIRL!!!!  Most of you who know me, already know this though, sorry I'm not more with it.  We named her Katelynn Olea Jackson, and sometimes call her Katie for a nickname.

Wow!!! I can't believe that she is 3 months old already.  We blessed her on this past Sunday, March 6, 2011; I made this gorgeous dress for her (lol, though the dress shed a few of the decorations during Sacrament Meeting, and part of the skirt unraveled :( easily fixed though), and now my hubby tells me that I should make these blessing outfits (some of the cute little white satin tuxedos, infant size -  like I made for my last 2 sons; and blessing dresses) to sell.  Hmm... maybe....

Speaking of Katelynn's blessing, my brothers' Dale & Michael came with their wives and some of their family members, as well as my Dad & his wife.  I feel truly blessed because my brothers' came all this way from their homes to mine, and all on Sunday morning... we have the 9 am church schedule too!!!

Now I'm going to attempt to insert some pics of my baby girl from birth to age 3 months, though I haven't yet uploaded any of her in her blessing dress, I need to repair it first then take some pics.

Oh yeah, my sweet little guy Taw just had his 3rd birthday yesterday too.  Sometimes I can't believe he's 3 YEARS OLD already!

And now for pics....

This is the little white satin tux I made for Taw 3 years ago.  :)  Love it!

Joseph with Katelynn, sorry the year on my camera is way off  :)

Cole holding Katelynn

Katelynn, weighed in at 6 lbs 15 oz, 18-3/4 inches long; the thingy hanging off her imbilical cord stub sets off an alarm [at the doors] if someone tries to steal her

Katelynn about 6 days old


Andrea said...

Lol, Maycie's blessing dress lost multiple pearlies throughout church too. :)

Gayle said...

Hmm... must be a Peel thing huh? :)