Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I've been sewing lately

Perhaps you didn't know, Jackson got fired from his job a few weeks ago after he dented the fender on "his" trailer.  Really a BS reason if you ask me, but of course I wasn't consulted.  Anyhow.........

Sewing has always been my stress reliever (except after Mom died, then it was just my grief therapy but that's a whole other story), and after I get to sew for awhile I feel so happy & calm.

So I felt like I needed a project to keep me focused and be happy for my children.  Then I remembered the Haiti Orphanage project for March that AC4C (Yahoo group), and I decided that I would make several skirts and pairs of pants for these children.  Now while these children are dying from lack of proper food and clothes won't help their hunger but they will be properly clothed so they can go to school -- so making the clothes will help me because it is a service that I can provide, and at the same time get my mind off my own problems.

Well, today I completed these skirts and pants, and will be sending them in a box along with a 'sweet little dress' [originally made for my Katelynn but I can always make her more dresses], formula samples, pencil sharpeners, diaper safety pins, receiving blankets, and 3 packages of (3 each) diaper shirts.  This little bit that I can do as a service for others is also a service to me too.

Now I'm going to try to insert some pictures and I hope it works.

Love ya'll,

=) Gayle

And a close-up of the "sweet little dress."


The Schneiders said...

Cute dress. That is so sweet of you to donate it and the other things to children who are in serious need. It's hard when you have unemployment in your life to continue to be giving.

I also have 3 boys and then a girl...and then a boy....and then much later, a girl! It is fun having a mixture.

Gayle said...

Thanks for your comment.

I agree that it is difficult to be giving during a period of unemployment, but I felt that it was important to follow through with my plans because I still have so much more than those children whose orphanage these things will go to.

WOW! 6 Kids? :) You are one strong lady! I think that I might be done now, too many health issues last time. But really I'll decided that at a much later date.