Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walking and walking and..... stuff

Well I wasn't wrong in my last post.  Baby K was determined to keep trying until she got the walking thing down (silly me for hoping she'd fall down enough that she'd give up the walking idea for awhile, NOPE!).  She now walks all over the house, though I still keep her contained out of the kitchen most of the time.  She is so cute & fun to watch as she takes her little almost dancing steps down the hallway, tiny fists clenched and raised chest-high for balance.  She stumbles and gets right back up, or crawls away...  giggles and all.

Poor little thing though, she has caught her Daddy's cold, and while not deeply congested yet, it is still disrupting her sleep enough that she won't [fall to] sleep unless on Mama.

Other news on the home-front, I am now thoroughly sick of canning though I have promised hubby to juice out the last of the apples to make "cider."  I am thinking today would be a perfect day for this, maybe I will sauce out the leftover apple pulp a bit too (if it's not raining on us).  I think a bit of sugar and some spices would that apple juice a delightful fall drink too, especially if i mixed in some of the last of the pear juice too.  Then to scrub out my water bath canner (used for cooking beets in) and preserve all this delicious juice in quart bottles.

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