Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break & life

It's the first day of Spring Break for my older boys.  It's not even noon yet and already they are driving me crazy with their bickering and picking of fights with their little siblings. Why??  "Well T and K are just getting into our stuff and we don't want them in our room."  Nothing new there. "Well just be nice to them and let them play in your room with you"  says I.  "Wahh.." says they.

Oh my!  I never would have made a good school teacher, so glad I never even tried too.  Because I'd have almost literally pulled my hair out before day's end.  I want to do that now.

Yesterday on Facebook I found a link to this guy's blog, he explains how I feel about fighting children oh so well.  I'd rather just tie & gag mine than hold them under water though.  ;)

So why would i really care about the fighting of my children?  Well this weekend is Easter, but it comes every year so no surprises there.  BUT, this year... it is also the Sunday when we are blessing our little Ellynn.  So... I am trying to get my house cleaned up, plus take care of my now 2 months old newborn, plus keep K out of stuff she doesn't need to be in, plus keep T from having anymore meltdown tantrums (and picking on K And waking up E) and also somehow keep the big boys entertained.  Well actually I've decided that I'm not going to entertain the bigs, they are in fact going to help me get house cleaned and ready to have a bunch of my family descend upon us Saturday and Sunday.  If the bigs don't like or cooperate with this, well I'll revoke their allowances AND electronic rights!!

Perhaps they will work if I promise we can play on Monday, no foolin'.  Its going to be in the 60's, maybe we will do a park day.

I do love my children, I just thoroughly dislike their recent behavior and mouthy attitudes -- I mean my boys here, though they are certainly teaching their younger sister poor behavior too.

On a happier note, I did get E's blessing dress completed last night, it is a white satin dress with a ruched white eyelet overlay.  I think that it looks very pretty, though I think that I got a little too exuberant with my ruching.  However,  I have once again remembered why I don't do zippers!  Ugh,it was supposed to only take me 30 minutes tops to put that thing in.  Nope, 2 hours later I finally finished with the thing and discovered that the outside (on the pretty side of the dress) was sewn crookedly... I stared at it then decided I could live with it as the dress wasn't going into a judged show. E won't care either and if i feel I need to fix it in the future well I can do that on a day when i have nothing else to do!  Haha... 

Am off to put E in her bed, persuade T & K to nap, and work on my dirty kitchen.  Well, maybe E can watch me clean since her brothers have now woke her up yet again. It is the continual story of my life.

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