Monday, October 7, 2013

October and Foot Surgery

Well Folks, it's October now!  And it sure feels like it too!!!

UGH!!!  Cool today, better than last week's snow, rain, and night temps below freezing -- completely took care of any green life left in my garden, but that's okay with me.  Yep, it really did snow here in Maeser, at one point there was about 1 inch outside, but it had quickly melted before we went to bed.  Rain also fell extensively, and the cold temps outside were enough to make us all seek heavy blankets, winter coats, socks and slippers, and hot cocoa!  However, this cool day has turned out to be lovely with sunshine and light fluffy clouds, so I'm grateful for small things.

In other Jackson family news, I went to my appointment last Tuesday October 1st in SLC at TOSH (the orthopedic specialty hospital) to see Dr. James Morgan.  The end result of that being that he completely agreed with Dr Kelly Gomez (hurray! People actually agreed!!) that my foot would be better off by having the heel fused back under it and supporting the foot and ankle, rather than going with Dr Stan Phillips who insisted that I would need my whole foot & ankle fused together.  Dr Morgan said there is no reason to make me lose my range of motion in my foot while I am still young, and while I would need to be caring for my young children -- yay, I so didn't want to lose the limited motion that I currently have.  I will still limp, perhaps worse than I do now, but he thinks that much of the pain I feeling on the side of my foot will be greatly reduced.  Very happy to know that much of this pain that keeps me awake at night will be going away.
So.... surgery healing timeline is:  8-10 weeks non-weight-bearing, 8-10 weeks some weight-bearing (likely in a walking cast), then 2-4 months of additional physical therapy.  That sounds a whole lot better than 4 months non-weight-bearing, 3-4 months partial weight-bearing, then 4-6 months of additional physical therapy!!

Oh don't get me wrong, I know,  I KNOW, that this is going to be difficult for me to do.  I have 5 young children, ages almost 11, 9, 5, 2, and 8 months -- and I will only be able to do least minimal care for them.  Tasks that I take for granted to be able to do now, will be come extremely difficult and even impossible for me to do while I wait for my body to heal itself, however, I believe that this is the right time to get the surgery done. 

I have faith in Heavenly Father that he will help me get through this painful trial, and i am hopeful that I can find others in my Ward and neighborhood to help me with my concerns regarding getting my boys to and from school.  I have already talked to my Ward Relief Society presidency about them arranging meals for my family for the first couple of weeks, after which time I should have my pain regulated enough that I can help my family out a tiny bit.

I have begun to make freezer meals, and casseroles, that can be easily pulled out to put to cook either by my husband or by one of older boys - with Mom's supervision - for that night's dinner.  I am going to be teaching my older boys how to wash laundry.  I am sorting through clothes, and putting baby E's next sizes close at hand so should she grow out of her current size, then her clothes can be easily changed around.  Same thing for K who will be 3 in December.  The old out-grown clothes will be sold or given away (as will any sizes 0-3T boys stuff that I still have).

I will also be setting up a diapering station in my living room as I believe that starting to toilet train K now would be a bad idea.  I plan to continue to breastfeed baby E, and have done extensive research regarding nursing and anesthesia/pain killers coming out in breast milk, and I believe that we will be okay.

But if anyone wants to come stay with us to help for awhile, I will be thrilled.  Our guest room is always ready for visitors (okay I need to clean off the out-grown clothes first, but that takes just 5 minutes).

I fully admit to being a bit scared about this coming event in my life, but I am determined to put my faith in Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.  Maybe I will even be able to get some sleep between now and then too... well a girl can always hope, yes?

And now, my darling daughter K has informed me "I stinky Mama, change me," so I'm off to take care of her before we need to go pick up her brothers from school.

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Jackie said...

Gayle, I hope your surgery goes well. Would love to come and help, but I think I might live a bit too far away.

God bless.