Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September is half over

Wow, I just got used to August being here and then school started, now September has blown in and is more than half over.  On this day 12 years ago, we were signing our rent agreement with Mrs. Mary Ellen Olsen - then we lived there another 7-1/2 years after that first year.

I just have to chuckle now though.  Little E has been running a fever (so Not funny at 100.4), but when I [try to]give her fever reducer, she scrunches up her face, purses her lips and turns her head away -- kind of grumbles at me too.  She grudgingly accepts it and swallows when its squirted into her cheek, but there's none of the opened-mouth eager reception her siblings had done as babies.

Speaking of little Miss E, she's 7-1/2 months old now.  She is the daily delight of our family, no one gets the chuckles from her better than her brothers and sister, oh especially her sister.


Happenings with the Jackson family:  I canned 6 quarts and 1 pint of very concentrated plum juice yesterday (works much faster in little bodies than prune juice from the stores, probably makes fantastic jelly too), and I need to get the pulp out of the dehydrator now too, its all dried into fruit leather.

I did end up canning 7 quarts of tomatoes on Labor Day Monday.  The 2 more that didn't fit in canner went into fridge.

A week ago, Monday Sept. 9th, I had a molar pulled (lower right side), it was deteriorating pretty good with nothing to bite against.  I wonder how long my jaw will hurt thought because last night my jaw felt like it was on fire, so I took a Ibuprofen and a Tylenol Extra Strength -- woke up about 1 am with jaw still throbbing so I took a Lortab, that did the trick.

A few days after tooth pulling, I called SLC  to Dr James Morgan's office and got my appointment moved up 6 weeks to October 1st.  I also got on his surgery schedule for November 18th.  Really, I would like to wait until E is a year old and walking, but my foot [and ankle] is falling apart too fast and hurts so badly that waiting unnecessarily is foolish, besides we met our deductible with E's birth this year.

Last night Cole received his Wolf at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting, hurray for him 'cuz that was a lot of hard work (for us both).  Next month's Pack Meeting, Joseph is to get his Arrow of Light, big Hurray for him -- our ward likes to do these in bunches, so even though he won't be 11 yet, they are still doing it then because another boy is getting his then too.  He won't get his Webelo until November though.  I need to remember to invite my Dad and stepMom to come though I imagine they won't be able to because Tuesdays are their Temple day, but will still try.

Soon it will be time to make Halloween costumes, and while I'm sewing, I'd best make Christmas dresses for the girls.  Just had a thought of making red ties for the boys too.  But speaking of  Halloween, K is very much into "princess" so thought I'd make her a princess outfit in pink of course.  And maybe make E either a black cat or tiny witch

I'm finding myself dozing off and baby E is nearly back to sleep, her Daddy's alarm woke her at 4 am, it's now almost 5:15 am.  I guess it's time to put us both back to bed.

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