Monday, February 10, 2014

To succeed in life

I was reading in a Church magazine this morning, and I found some steps or suggestions that could help you follow the plan which God has for you.  Some of them may not apply to you, but most will cover everyone's life.

1. Establish principles to guide your life -- in all ways.

2. Don't make exceptions to your standards - Satan knows your weaknesses, don't rationalize your actions "just this once."

3. Be loyal - to all of your loved ones.

4. Live so that God can guide you - to be where He wants you to be and to serve.

5. Serve others - sharing with others will bring you happiness and joy.

6. SMILE - a good sense of humor will help you greatly; everyone has problems, just yours aside and smile.

7. Don't complain - Life isn't always fair, but it contains marvelous opportunities if you know how to find them.

8. Always have a Church assignment - be connected with the things of God and the ways to serve Him.

9. Worship in the Temple - It will keep you spiritually in tune, will allow you to remember the most important things in life, and will encourage you to give great service to others.

10. Use Jesus Christ as your example for life - use his teachings as your handbook for life; never make exceptions to them.

**Taken from an article by Elder Richard G Scott in the February 2014 Ensign.

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Jackie said...

Those are great ways to make a persons life meaningful and perfect. Thanks for the reminder.

God bless.