Thursday, October 30, 2014

Its almost Halloween, and I want summer back!!

Good morning everyone!!

Hmmm.... that sounds way more cheerful than I feel.  Actually I do feel fairly cheerful, just also chilled, but I am sitting by the window.  It's 31 degrees (F) outside and that's just too cold for me, I WANT SUMMER BACK!!  It's still fall, but there's very little warm about this weather.  Okay enough whining on cold temps, as I know there are many people who live in far colder places than me.  ;)  Right Jackie?

Maybe I'm feeling whiny because Dad loved this time of year, and well, he died on October 9th.  He fought a good fight, but in the end, that cancer got him.  3 years ago in November was when his Drs found the first cancerous lumps in his lungs, then it metastasized to his spine, then in late May or early June it was Everywhere.  He and Emalie had a good life for 8 years, she really made him happy and he was much more lively than I had seen him in a very long time, since before Mom died.  Speaking of Mom, the 10 anniversary of her death is next month, on November 27th.

It's October 30th, the in-between day for us.  In-between, because yesterday was my son Joseph's 12th birthday and tomorrow is Halloween.

We are going to have a good-sized birthday party for Joseph on Saturday November 1st with several of his friends and their families.  Anyone want to come along? Lasagna, green salad, bread sticks? and cake, lemon sponge cake to be precise!

I still need to get sewing on Taw's costume, he wants to be a Jedi Knight like Joseph -- as he says, he wants to be Joseph's helper.

Well time to go get girls into clothes really fast & get boys to school.

Ya'll have a good day!!  I will try to keep posting here, at least not let so many months go by without blogging again.

=) Gayle

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Jackie said...

Nice to see you here Gayle. You are a bit colder than we are right now. Have fun sewing the rest of the Jedi costume.

God bless.