Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015 -- a late start

Happy 2015 Everyone!!!

Wow, I'm just a wee bit slow in getting this post going, but considering that I haven't posted in about 3 months, well at least I'm here now, yes?

A short recap of all that has happened since I last posted goes something like this, in no particular order: my Dad's death, funeral and a niece's mission homecoming; an accident, several migraines, a Mom trip to ER, a baby E trip to ER, J's 12th birthday, Halloween, a broken arm, Thanksgiving Day (USA), a visit from my brother for T-Day, K's birthday, Dad's first birthday since his death, my 1st trip to a chiropractor, Christmas, my 1st making of royal icing and discovering that rolling out cookies can be fun, the WHOLE family but one being sick at the same time, New Year's Eve and Day, and last but not least, discovering using essential oils is Wonderful!!

Yes, essential oils are great, and the many things you can do with them is practically endless.  I now own a diffuser, and I run the thing almost every day.  I think my house is better for having it on too. Right now my diffuser is running with lavender, tea tree and "sick mix" oils, and it smells great.  LOL, sick mix is just what I call it, but every brand of essential oil distributor has their own version, DoTerra's is On Guard, Butterfly Espress is Deliverance, etc.; they all have mostly the same oils included that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that if used properly, they protect against illness. I have been reading a lot of Jillee's blog posts about essential oil uses, and have even tried out a few that seem to work pretty good.  She uses Spark Naturals Essential Oils, but I don't love having to pay shipping for something that I can buy here in my own town at several different locations.

Well, I have babbled on at length already. I will come back another day not too distant in the future, and write down my desires/wants to do or have happen this year.  LOL, I am leery of the word "resolution' because I typically don't resolve much, and I often lose track of my plans after a few months (weeks?).

Happy January 6th Everyone!  May you have a good evening!!  I sure wish we could get some more snow, a large quantity in fact, would be lovely; more than the 1-1/2 piddly inches we have thus far received this winter!!!

Tomorrow my friend Ivy has invited me to her house for a Norwex party.  I've never heard of it before, so am going to satisfy my curiosity. 

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Jackie said...

Nice to see you back and blogging Gayle.

God bless.