Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bye bye 2016, Hello 2017

I've doing really badly at this blogging thing with no posts in 2016.  However, in 2017 I hope to do better, with at least one post each month.  I have plenty of hopes and desires to have occur in 2017, but will have to write about them later... time to get Taw from school.

So hopes and desires....

I've got a list taped to my bathroom mirror reminding me of my daily things I need/want to accomplish (prayer, scriptures, brushing my teeth, taking vitamins, hugging my children, etc)... Yes I do need to write them down because courtesy of my gluteny problems (aka Celiac Disease), I often cannot remember that I need to do things, even easy things, and sometimes to do them at a specific time of day.

I have a list of to-do's for Jan-March 2017 that are bigger (ex: save $10/wk - disciplining myself; clean bedroom closet, throw away unneeded papers/receipts, clean under bed, declutter -- throw or give away X-amt unused things per month, etc.) and require more time spent on them.

Then I have a mental list (which may soon end up being taped to bathroom mirror too) of things I want accomplish throughout the year, such as: learn to knit hats, mittens and socks; show more love to my family; eliminate gluten COMPLETELY from my home; reuse/recycle 1 thing each month into something else, etc.

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Jackie said...

Hope to see you a bit more often Gayle.

God bless.