Saturday, January 2, 2010

How time flies when we're not paying attention!!

I can't believe that it's been a month already since I last posted on here, but it has.  It seemed like Christmas would never come and now not only is it past, but we're 2 days into the new year -- Hello 2010! -- not to mention a new decade.  Oh my, only 10 days to my burthday too, hmm... I never thought turnign 35 would come so quickly, it was just a few days ago (seems like) that I was turning 25 and getting married in March!

I suppose that if I hadn't needed a phone number for a fellow Quilt Guild member, I might not have come on Blogger for more days yet.  Oh well, at least I'm visiting once a month or so, which is more than I can say for my MySpace account (don't have anything on Facebook yet).

Part of my reason for not having visited here more often is because I have recently begun selling my hand-crafted goodies at a shop in downtown Vernal (Over The Picket Fence), and certain of those items are selling almost faster than I can make them.  One of the pictures I posted recently (a flag with hearts instead of stars) is one of the items I put up for sale.

I am extremely happy to report that we seem to have eradicated our mouse problem though for a couple of weeks there, I didn't think we were going to ever get rid of those stinky little beasties!

Perhaps I shouldn't say so, but I'm so happy to have Christmas over with this year, my boys [older] have been acting up so badly.  Monday they go back to school and I hope they settle down & behave much better for their teachers.

Well, my stomach aches (I think I may have gotten food poisoning from the Chinese buffet place Jackson & I ate lunch at earlier today while out on our "date"), so I think that I shall 'call' it a day & go lay down, besides my littlest guy is doing his lay-on-the-floor-while-playing-with-a-truck routine that he typically only does when he's very tired.  The other two boys having been sent to bed half an hour ago, and my dear hubby retired closer to an hour ago, he's not feeling so well of the belly either (it's kinda strange really, as I usually don't get food poisoning from places we eat at, or if I do, well never before today have I gotten sick before my husband). So...

Good night ya'll and may ye of you enjoy a good year during 2010!
=) Gayle

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Brian and chelsea said...

Lovely update! I know whatcha mean about being kindof glad that Christmas is over :)
And good luck getting over those belly aches... Chinese buffets scare me for that reason!