Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life with the Jackson crowd

My hubby will get home today fter being gone for 3 days - his employers sent him (& another guy) to New Mexico with an "emergency" load of sand.  I'm so happy, I really hate it when he's gone overnight or longer; plus our children always act out more when he's gone.

Speaking of things that children do, this morning my oldest son came in my room demanding that he should get some "Adivel."  When I asked him why he thought he needed Advil, he said, "For my cough Mommy!"  I laughed & sent him on his way; then later on he came & told me that he was sure that he had a cancer and "You'd better give me that Adivel or I might die!"  (He's very dramatic.)  I just laughed at him again, and told him that he just has a cold and he'd be better in a few days.  In the meantime, the other 2 boys seem to have gotten the cold from their brother, and I have this feeling that I might be next to get sick... and I don't want it! Waaaaaahh!

I celebrated my 35th birthday on Jan 12; actually it wasn't much of a celebration because my older boys fought almost continually from the time they got home from school until dinner-time and my Dh showed up 2 hours after he called to say he was on his way home- I finally gave up on making my cake because if I was measuring something and one screeched, I would do the wrong measurement; I didn't make the ice cream either.  Truth be told, I wasn't feeling like celebrating anyways, and it wasn't because I was now 35 instead of 34, I just didn't want to -- plus I kept thinking about my 16th birthday & what a disaster that day was.
However, I got a lovely visit the day before (Jan 11) from the Relief Society Presidency, my friend Rinty in England mailed me a package with some lovely gifts, my sister Amelia called me that day, and I received a nice birthday card from my Dad & step-Mom the day after my birthday -- so it wasn't all a loss.

I think I'll go sew for awhile now.  May you all enjoy the remainder of your Saturday afternoon on this the 16th day of January!

=) Gayle


Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Gayle. Sorry to be late with my best wishes.

Like Art Linkletter said "Children say the darndest things." Enjoy your boys they grow up so very quickly.

God bless.

Brian and chelsea said...

Happy belated birthday!