Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Jan 18

It's snowing a bit outside, really nothing too heavy, but just enough to make the roads & sidewalks slick.  It is nice to see a fresh coat of white over the dingy gray left from the last snow storm, though.

My brother Chris called last night to wish me a belated 'Happy Birthday,' which reminds me that this is my brother-in-law William's birthday today (he's 36), and a week from today will be my husband's birthday; he will be 34 (& I'm 35).  William & I joke sometimes about how we're the same age for a week.

So all of my boys are sick now, Cole seems to have caught the cold from Joseph.  However, I'm not surprised by that as Joseph refuses to cough directly into the crook of his elbow, instead he coughs over his elbow; I fully expect to get his cold soemtime this week as he coughed & sneezed all over me last night at dinner.  I just hope that if I get sick, it's after Thursday as I really want to go to my Quilting Guild on Thursday evening.

For now though, it's time to put together a late lunch (and maybe a crockpot stew for dinner with some home-made dinner rolls or bread) then go do something productive as I just feel like having a nap while sitting here.

=) Gayle

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