Friday, February 5, 2010

a belated update on MIL

So here's how it goes:  On Monday Jan 25 (my dh's b-day), MIL had a stroke which blinded her & made her heart race uncontrollably, by Friday she'd recovered enough that she recognized her children and had a pacemaker installed.  Also on Friday afternoon, she was released from the hospital because her only medical insurance comes from Medicare and our illustrious President has decreed that the elderly are not top priority when it comes to hospital stays & medical care.  MIL is now recovering at her daughter Pam's house in NE Oregon; Dh talked to her yesterday and she's doing as well as can be expected.

If you were one of those who had been praying for her, we greatly appreciate you and your prayers.
=) Gayle


Christian Peel said...

I thought it was our illustrious president and his party who were trying to extend health care? Why are you blaming him for the problems he is trying to fix?

thanks for all the info on the blog, I enjoy reading it.


Ivy Lou said...

That sounds like it was a bit scary for the fam. Hope she is doing even better now.