Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Be it known unto all peoples,

Andrew & Gayle Jackson now own their 1st home ever!!!

So if you want to see a slideshow of the place, go here: http://premier1.utah.remax.com/PropertySearch/ListingDetail.aspx?view=photos&lid=76134672 and check it out!  Happily, we won't be keeping that hideous gray interior flat paint but will painting it a lovely pale yellow color.

You are all invited to come visit us, though we'll have more room available after we get the basement finished & the garage emptied out.  I think it will take us about a month (hopefully less though) to clean & paint the new house, then pack up and clean the old place.  We will really miss our current neighborhood but we won't miss the thefts & vandalism not occuring here, not to mention the drug deals that happen in the cemetary behind us -- looking out my kitchen window at our [new] neighbor's mules will be a good change.

Jackson is thrilled that the house comes with a garage & a fridge with an ice maker; I'm very happy I get to paint it yellow, there's a pantry & a basement, and that the laundry room is big enough that I can also use it as my sewing room.

I went to Ace Hardware's website and found this color swatch thing where you can pick a living room, then color the walls to your liking (http://ace.swatchbox.com/colorsforyourlife/main.asp) -- I picked Sunkissed as the main wall "body" color and the effect of it with white trim is so lovely, so if you go check out this website thingy you can get an idea of what our walls will look like.

And now, I'm going to go drag those boxes [I collected this morning] out of my Suburban and start stuffing them full, because I plan to start hauling things over to the new house tomorrow.

=) Gayle


Andrea said...

HOORAY!!!! I'm so excited for you! Having your own home is so fun, and getting to paint and decorate the way you want just might be the best part! Congratulations!!!

Andrea said...

So I just went and looked at the slide show and I'm even more excited for you!!! It looks like such a fun house. AND ALL THAT COUNTERSPACE!!!!

Brian and chelsea said...

CONGRATS! That's awesome!