Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooks

So recently I found this website called The Pioneer Woman; it is about her life & loves.  One of which is cooking, so I went to see what kinds of recipes she has, and discovered this recipe for Chicken Spaghetti (see it here:  Next week when I feel more like myself & less like death warmed over, I'm going to make this.  If it's as yummy as it looks & sounds like, then I'm going to make an extra for my freezer.

She also posted a delicious-looking pound cake recipe the day after my birthday.  I love pound cakes with their moist buttery flavors, eaten alone warm with milk, or with sliced strawberries & cream, or homemade ice cream (which reminds me, I found a recipe for Meyer Lemon & Strawberry ice cream at Tasty Kitchen and I plan to try it soon too).

Anyhow, now it's time to go get boy #2 ready to go to school.  May you all enjoy a fine day!  Hopefully ya'll aren't sick like me either.

=) Gayle

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