Friday, March 5, 2010

New tires

Yeeehaw!!!  I got new tires on my suburban today, and boy did it need them.  I think that the ones that were on it must have been the original tires...  anyhow the tires were cracked down in the treads and while there was stilll some tread on teh tires, there wasn't much.  In the snowstorm of this morning, I was sliding all over the road... but the snow has moved East, the sun is out & the sky is blue.  The snow is melting too, thank goodness.

I've been taking pics of our new house, I didn't do any before pics but I got some in-between & after shots.  However these won't be posted today as I'm jsut taking a short break from packing to check email & rest my[ sore & aching] feet (especially the left foot).  So the house is all painted inside except for the bathrooms, and it looks so big, bright & cheery -- if any of you come to visit, don't look too close or you might see our drips & spills.

Well, back to the packing... it sure is going slowly.  We've lived here for nearly 9 years, long enough to accumulate quite the collection of stuff!

=) Gayle

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