Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We moved!!

So we finally got moved into our new house, but I still have soem things to get from the old place.  Our view to the north has changed somewhat too, instead of seeing a cow herd & a cemetary, we now see a mule pasture and mountains.

I do have pictures of our new house (and of us doing the paint job) but until I find the cords to hook up the camera to download the pics... well you get the idea.  Our garage is about half full of boxes, the living room & kitchen are also both piled high as are the couches and along the walls in the entry way.

This morning I finished hooking up the computer; I had to have a man from the phone company come out here yesterday to figure out what was going on with my phone line and internet... everything works great now.  He said he wasn't going to charge me for the extra services needed because he totally spaced off the appointment I had made with him for last Saturday -- that was awfully nice to hear.

Well, it's time for me to get some food into Cole so he can get onto the Kindergarten bus; I think that I will microwave a couple of potatoes for Taw & I -- my Visiting Teaching companion/Relief Society President brought us over dinner on Monday night and also gave me a HUGE bag of potatoes (red skinned, yellow fleshed sweet-tasting potatoes when baked).

=) Gayle

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