Thursday, July 8, 2010

My how time flies

My brother-in-law told me last weekend that I need to post something again.  So, Mike, here's my post, though you may not learn anything new from this one!

I think that I posted that we bought & moved into our first home back in Feb & March.  I still feel like I am in limbo as our garage is full of boxes and the basement has little in it, other than the laundry room.  Jackson did get the basement all framed in while I was at the BYU LDS Women's Conference (thanks for asking me to come with you, by the way Amelia & Sylvia) in April.

Something that many of you may not know is that I am currently expecting my 4th baby.  This is very expected and wanted child though the early week of pg weren't easy and I began to experience many health problems that I'd not had in that combination before.

I will have to continue this at a later date.  My husband and children jsut came home & the middle boy is mad because he didn't get what he wanted for dinner.

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