Monday, July 19, 2010

I HATE tomato worms

I've killed four of these nasty creatures so far this summer.  This is the first year I've ever had tomato worms, and I'm as disgusted by them now as I was when I was a kid and helping my Mom in her garden.  I refused to touch them then, and I'm certainly not about to touch them now, gloves or no gloves.  Instead, I scrape them off the tomato vines with a stick & smash them between 2 rocks (I have plenty of rocks).  I'm hoping these 4 are the sum total I get this year.  Hmm.... does anyone know if Sevin Dust works against tomato worms?

Well, I'm off to do my Visiting Teaching.  Ya'll have a fine day today, and may you beat the heat.

=) Gayle

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They can be reduced by planting marigold flowers around these plants.