Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love muffins!  Especially homemade muffins (my sister-in-law Maren can make some good muffins).

So I thought that I would make muffins for breakfast today, I knew my kids wouldn't complain.  I used my banana bread recipe, but used applesauce instead of bananas and tripled the recipe, though I don't use all the sugar it calls for.  This gave me enough for 12 jumbo muffins and 24 regular muffins; I now have 7 regular muffins left and the jumbo muffins are getting 3 extra minutes in the oven. I use the jumbo muffins for Jackson's breakfasts.

Yum, I will definitely have to make Applesauce Blueberry Oatmeal Sunflower Seed Muffins again; maybe next time I'll add in some wheat germ, use wheat flour (didn't have any ground), and some flax seed.  Hmm.. sounds good, doesn't it?!

Have a great Sunday!  Time for me to bathe a stinky Taw & get us all on our way to church!  :)

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