Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 hour baby jumper/dress

Yep, I've been sewing again.  I love it, I just can't get enough of it, it's like I'm trying to make up for the year or so where I didn't sew a stitch until I made baby K's blessing dress, then didn't sew again until June last year.  Anyhow, now that I have this little shop, I want to make cute baby clothes to sell, but first I've been trying the patterns out on baby K.  So, here's the latest item, a reversible baby jumper which some might call a dress [but my Mom always called these "jumpers" so I do too].

Now I sewed the whole thing together in under 2 hours, but I cut it out on another day.  However it's an easy pattern to cut out, so anyhow here it is.  I used this pattern,
but I lengthened and widened the pattern after I traced it off (then figured out how to make the pattern big enough for a child up to 5 years). 
Then I used the two turquoise printed fabrics to make the jumper, but the bright yellow is going to be the under-dress for this dress, which can be worn as a dress on it's own.  The cute orange gingham is going to be made into a little blouse for my darling baby K to go with some pants I plan to make her from a gray w/ orange stripe sweatpants-type knit I've got (sitting on my dryer waiting for it's turn to be washed).  But that's another day's project.

And now for the jumper/dress.  It is sooo cute, and I couldn't believe how easy it actually was to make.  I have some gorgeous fine-whale corduroy I bought (at Walmart `cuz there's no where else to buy non-quilting cotton fabric around here other than the quilt shops), 3 different pieces, so this is great practice before I start working with them.  Now without further ado....

Just so you know the pics of the jumper was taken last night at like 1:30 am so after dark so the colors don't show up as good.  And now... on to change a couple diapers and to sew my lovely yellow under-dress for baby K.  Maybe if I get to it, I'll get the orange blouse cut out.  I'll be using Leila and Ben's pattern for 12-5T (but the pic on this one is so much cuter) to make the yellow under-dress as well as the orange gingham blouse.  I really like this pattern (and no I don't get anything for saying so).  Oh, the dress I made for my 300 fans on Facebook Giveaway is from this pattern, I used lots of shirring with I love!!  Here's another look at that dress.  Just look at the grin that popped out when I pulled out the camera, wasn't she such a cute model for this dress?

I just love peasant-style dresses & tops.  Maybe I'll even make some for myself someday.  And now off to sew some more...

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Sailor Mom said...

I've always called them jumpers too. Cute peasant dress.