Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another fun one

You may have noticed that lots of my posts lately include links to fun stuff I want to try sewing.  Anyhow here's another one, well two actually.  Links to sewing your own business card holders, the first one is super easy, makes me want to go buy some thin clear vinyl to make one for me (and maybe a couple as gifts, she don't want us selling her ideas), here's the link to that one, did I mention it's easy?  ;)  Like 3 steps.

Okay now the other business card holder pattern is here, when it's folded up, it looks like a cute little fabric wallet.


Now you might wonder why I'm posting these, well I'm kinda tired of packing my cards around in my pocket where they get crumpled (because I hate packing a purse around, but I think I can handle one of these little card holder thingies).
I've had this idea running through my mind about how to make one, so I had to google patterns this morning (either that or doze off on keyboard).  These 2 aren't really what I want but I think I will make one of each for sewing practice (especially the one with vinyl), then try to make up my idea.  It's kinda a cross between these too, but different yet.  I love sewing so these will just be fun.

=) Gayle

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