Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby Headbands and Crochet

So baby E is 7 months old now, and as I sometimes do, I put a cute [made by Mama] crocheted flower on a headband on her yesterday for Church.  Well, as usual, there was a red mark on her soft little head where the closure of the headband had rested. So... I was thinking just now that I should make her some crocheted headbands with some of my crocheted flowers.  And perhaps I can figure out a way to make them stretchy -- maybe crochet elastic thread  in with the yarn.  Now I know several people who've recently had baby girls join their grandchildren, so maybe I will practice on E and then make extras for my friends.

So these are patterns I've found that I like.

And a very cute purse I could make up to give to my equally cute 2 yo daughter K:

And of course, my all-time favorite source for crochet, -- -- and the little girl's shirt in this one is cute too.

Just for a few ideas.   ;)

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