Monday, September 2, 2013


Well September is here.  No don't think that I am happy about this.  My boys are in school, yep all three go now, as just last week my little T started Kindergarten on 28 August.

Here he is with K along side of him on the first day.  Let me tell ya, she WAS NOT HAPPY to leave that school and him behind, I think that she cried for an hour.  The next day I was prepared for that (and I fed them both early too), so I drove around a bit after we left the school.  Both she & E fell asleep before I got home and I got an hour or so to do my own projects.

So September means canning and also that baby E is growing.  Even as I am typing she is rolling around on the floor at my feet.  She discovered that she can do this new thing on her brother C's birthday (he turned 9 on Aug. 17, wow my babies are growing up) and whenever she is laid on the floor, she practices her new accomplishment joyfully (and sometimes loudly too).  Then... the next new thing she did was cut her first tooth (bottom middle) on the very next day, same day as G-ma Emalie's birthday.  Well lots of fuss, crying, and whining later, and last night she cut her 2nd bottom middle tooth.  Hurray for her.  Maybe now she & I can now both get to sleep before midnight?  Well I will hope.

Here is Miss happy herself!!  E is indeed a very happy baby, a good thing as J is started into puberty so he is 10 going on 15.

Enjoy your Labor Day everyone (well those in the USA).  My hubby & boys are up in the mountains cutting firewood to use in our new wood stove, but that is a post left for another day.  As is the story on me probably needing foot surgery in the not-too-distant future.  For now, I'd best get started on canning the buckets of tomatoes I have spread around my kitchen.

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Jackie said...

E looks so happy. I hope her teething problems are over.

God bless.