Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well they look beautiful!!  Exactly the way that muffins w/ blueberries are supposed to look.  However, let this be a lesson to us all, LEMON YOGURT & Bananas DO NOT mesh well in the baked muffin flavor scheme.  Instead they served to make me feel slightly nauseous!  Dang, I knew I should have left that last banana for baby K to munch on for dinner, but no i had to use it up.

On the other hand, the muffins taste delicious when you think of the blueberries, sunflower & flax seed... they are a bit bland though.  I guess I really shouldn't have shorted the recipe of the sugar either, but I was being experimental, and it got me a lovely-looking muffin that I'm not sure that I can eat anymore of them.  Good thing that my boys love them though!!!  Because I doubled the recipe & got 3 dozen muffins (I make mine a bit smaller, my kids don't know any different). 

Now I want a tasty Blueberry muffin, but from my Nut Bread recipe... unaltered recipe.  Perhaps tomorrow after Church, I'll make some more muffins, after all I do have another package of fresh blueberries needing to be used up.  This time I'll follow the recipe exactly with no excessive alterations (though I do admit to putting in more blueberries & extra sliced almonds in as well as some ground flax seed, but those only add to the goodness of the recipe).

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