Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying something new

I went looking for a way to spread out my blog a little, I wanted to have 3 columns of print, well I got them now, but somehow along the way I managed to mess up my color scheme too.  Then my kids interrupted me a few times and I lost the one that was quite close to the way I had it before, now I guess I'll stick with the teal one for a little while.  Still gotta bake those muffins, the batter is halfway mixed up, and I'm feeling kinda frustrated right now too so I think that I'll give the internet a rest and just crochet while listening to a book on CD for the rest of the time while baby K is sleeping (oh finally sleeping).

I feel really tired too, so if this post seems garbled, that's why.  Plus my head hurts & my 3 yo son keeps showing up with miscellaneous questions & comments about why can he play outside... then there's the poppy underwear of said boy above that needs scrubbing, and 9 yo son wants to sit & read with me or make flying noises while I'm trying to listen to said CD, then 7 yo son wants to eat and play outside ONLY - no chores today okay Mom? Except, there's no way I'm cleaning ALL of their stinky bathroom by myself, you make the mess you clean it up... and your room too needs to be cleaned up, or we'll get a backhoe in here to clean it for you!

**GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR** Hear the tired, frustrated, grumpy Mommy roar!!!  Back to the muffins now, they are looking pretty good.  I'm using a yummy Lemon Yogurt recipe I've had forever and just throwing in a lot of extras, then hoping it tastes as good as I want it too... plus am decreasing the sugar because I added extra yogurt so I could decrease the oil.  And on I run.......

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