Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying to teach myself how to knit... again

The thing is, I still remember hwo to knit & purl, but the big hang-up for me is that I jsut can't seem to recall how to cast on.  Well I've been hunting around YouTube in hopes of finding someone who's posted a vid showing the same way of casting on that I learned as a child in Shelly Watson's 4-H class (at least I think her name was Watson, do you remember Amelia?).  Anyhow, I'm fairly sure that this vid is the same way I learned all those years ago (coming up on 30 years ago), well apparently this link goes to a group of vids (videos/movies).  I'm not talking about the casting on method the lady calls the e-loop, which while it's easy,  hear that it's not very stable.  Oh no, I'm talking about the long tail method (or so I've seen/heard several people refer to it).  Here's another link, this lady explains it quite well especially as the other lady left a very important detail out, as in which hand holds the tail & which hand holds the working yarn, oh yeah super important stuff that! 

Anyhow, once I get the hang of casting on, then I'll practice knitting & purling, maybe for a cotton dishcloth.  By then I would think that I could remember what I'm doing long enough to have it emblazoned into my short-term memory & be able to do more with it than just a simple dishcloth.

In the meantime, I'll also keep on crocheting, something that I love that it doesn't take 2 needles to do.  After I find my knitting needles, well then I'll give some of these tute's (tutorials) a try, then I'll post again about my results.

For now, I'm off to make Blueberry muffins w/ yogurt and maybe that last sad-looking banana & some ground flax seed as well -- YUM!!!  Oh mustn't forget to put nuts or sunflower seeds in too... to me, baked goods are just so much better with the addition of nuts & seeds!!!

Have a great day y'all!

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