Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crochet hook conversion chart & Ravelry

I just found this crochet hook conversion chart , its useful to me because of the Tunisian Crochet hooks I bough came with only sizes in mm (1, 2, 3......10mm) and I will now be able to use the right size for my USA written crochet patterns.

If the link above doesn't work for you, try going to:

Besides that, i think that her website looks to be a fun one that I will explore when I have more time.

Today though, i have been racking my brain for an easy dinner idea (tonight is not only Cub Scouts Pack Meeting, but also the PINE WOOD DERBY!!), but I got caught up reading old emails and then going over to Ravelry to see what I could see on the Wool Aid group there.  I have been busy crocheting a purple wool vest to donate to the Wool Aid, as per January's project guidelines on the [Yahoo Groups] All Crafts for Charity (AC4C) group.

Oh yes, dinner tonight will be my version of Italian chicken Braid;  any way I make it, my kids go crazy.  If I have time, I am going to grind some wheat, and use that to make my dough with -- better for us all around.  LOL, that is if I can figure out where the bucket of wheat got put, it used to be behind the back door to keep it from slaming into the wall, but since Christmas, things got moved around.  Guess I'll have to go looking.

Happy January 22nd everyone!!  It's sunny here today!!  Though I'd be happy with some snow too, its melting too fast here, I saw 2 feet of bare ground in front of the house earlier.

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Jackie said...

We did have a bit of melting, but now we are back in the deep freeze.

God bless.