Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It's now 2014, January 2nd to be precise and my boys are going back to school today.  I miss them! We actually had some fun together during this Christmas holiday break.

But now I have been thinking and doing some reading online this morning, apparently most people who make resolutions don't keep them.  I know that to be true of myself, though mine is from procrastination.  I'm very good at procrasinating!  ;)

Anyhow, I was thinking that I won't make resolutions, but there are some things I would like to learn how to do, or to do better.

These include:
  • learn how to knit better -- need to figure out how to keep my edges smooth and even.
  • Make a sweater, or several -- but at least one.
  • practice crocheting socks, I want a pair of handmade socks.
  •  Continue practicing to make thing with Tunisian Crochet, learn more stitches.
  • And those other 2 or 3 things that I only seem to think about in the middle of the night, such as get my Etsy shop back up and going! 
  • Maybe make some slippers too -- I found a cute pattern called Birchbark slippers (through, Tunisian crochet).
Also I have things I need to work on in regards to my family,
  • Be gentler and more loving with ALL of my children, not just my baby -- its always been easier for me to be nicer to the babies than to the older children.  And with first son going through puberty, well its becoming more difficult some days to be gentle and loving with him. However since I love all my children, I need to work more on this.
  • Read my scriptures more on my own, and
  • Keep up on my personal prayers, AND
  • Try to attend the Temple at least once a month -- it will be hard with my baby and my 3 year old, but I'm still going to try to do it.
  • I also need to plan if not weekly, then at least 2, dates a month with my husband.  Something more than movie & dinner each time, or some variations on it. 
Oh hey, I get my lovely red leg cast off next Tuesday, January 7th at TOSH in SLC.  Then I get my "walking" cast on and will likely start doing physical therapy around then too.  I will work up to full weight on my foot, 25% a week at a time, but it's progress.  I will also be able to bathe with both feet in the tub!!!  I am really looking forward to that one!! Until then, we have some super cold weather coming up, I think I'd better make myself a toe sock for my cast.

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