Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy January and 2014 want-to-do's

Hey everyone!!

The sun is shining and it makes me feel happy even if the temperature makes me feel cold and the several times I was awake in the night make me feel exhausted.

So have been thinking again of "resolutions" for the new year, maybe more like want-to-do's though some are need-to-do's.

In 2014, I want to:
  • make at least one sweater -- maybe more.
  • make one project a month for my charity crafting group (well 12 items for charity this year), it's a Yahoo group called All Crafts For Charity or AC4C.
  • do more with Tunisian crochet
  • make a quilt for each child (if I finish the binding on the purple quilt for E, I will count that) -- strip piecing would be quick and easy.
  • toilet train K,
  • do my Physical Therapy faithfully no matter how much it hurts.
  • open last of boxes from moving in -- lol, we bought the house 4 years ago, it's long past time I did all this.
  • save money to buy bookcases -- very badly want to get my good books up higher above K, T, and E's reach so keep them from being torn up so much.  I do enjoy reading books and I would really like to see what we have.
  • hang pictures on the walls -- I'll do it myself this time if I have to.
  • Did I mention that I need to de-clutter a bunch of "stuff"?  Oh yeah, I've got to go through everything!!  Get rid of some fabric and yarn (oh heaven forbid), plus heaven only knows what else around the house.  Some of those glass items-still-in-the-boxes from my what my Mom gave me and wedding gifts that have never been used, well they can go too -- perhaps I shall list them on the the online yard sale places on Facebook.
  • Move K into E's room, maybe do a bit of light decorating to show that girls live in there.
  • Get my boys and hubby to help me more with the garden, and then with canning this summer & fall.  Last year taught me that I really cannot do it all alone.
  • lol, and  ... well bickering kids helped to forget whatever it was.
  • but maybe do more baking from scratch yet again.
Well, that's plenty.  I have already begun to do some of these things.

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