Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Baby, it's cold outside!"

I'm sitting at the computer over by the window, and my fingers are chilled.
The Today Show is playing in the background, and every so often they break for the weather -- KSL Weather keeps saying that it's going to snow here today. The weather pattern they show indicates that the Uintah Basin is going to be right down the middle of the snow coming (it's already snowing in SLC), plus we get to have more snow tomorrow -- not a good thing when your spouse's job is driving! Our high today for Vernal is 50*F and the low for tonight is supposed to be 26*F -- now I live in Maeser, so our low will be 3 or 4 degrees colder than Vernal.
LOL, the funny thing is that when I was listening to the radio (98.5), they said that the high today wasn't going to be above 40 degrees -- both the radio & TV agree that it's going to be windy though.

I guess it's time to get dressed (I'm still in my flannel jammies), and get outside -- to hang the extension cord to plug in the dog house light, to get the cases of "free" water [from my brother Glen] out of the back of our white truck, to gather up hoses & garden tools & anything else I've forgotten about, and most of all to get some wood so I can get the fire going again.

Back in the house, I'll be getting some apples cooking to make applesauce, and of course continuing in my battle against the never-ending laundry pile.

=) Gayle

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Brian and chelsea said...

Hi Gayle! I didn't know you had a blog! I found it through Ivy's. And I read all your posts!
Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. So sorry about the miscarriage. Glad to hear Taw is doing well! You have a housefull of big and little men!
Keep up the blogging!