Friday, October 23, 2009

Just thinkin...

Hi Ya'll!

I'm sitting at the computer in my brother's kitchen typing away. I had to check my bank balance to see if the check i wrote a couple of days ago had cleared yet, it hasn't. so I DECIDED TO SEe if I could remember my password to my blog here, apparently I did since here i be...

So for now I'm just thinkin' about all the events of the past weeks, between the continuous constipation/diarrhea battle of my youngest son Taw to the deer I killed on opening morning [of the Utah Deer Hunt] Oct 17th to the miscarriage I had a few weeks ago... *sighs* Speaking of the diarrhea, I need to go quickly change a diaper now. I'll be back another time to apply a few more not-so deep thoughts.

=) Gayle

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