Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's with all this wind??!!

I just got home from town, and walking across the Kmart parking lot, the wind nearly blew me off my feet.
I have been sitting here watching the wind blow my tarps all over my garden and knock stuff over in my neighbor's yard.
If the wind wasn't enough, it's cold too! Really really cold! Like the actual temperature is at freezing (32*F), but the windchill has got to be more like 5 or 10 degrees colder... hmm I'll just check on Accuweather all you have to do is type in your zip code and it gives you accurate weather info for your area.

Anyhow, it's nice to be inside, though my windows are leaky (there's a good draft blowing through next to me) and we need to get the storm windows put up, and while my Dh offered to put them in before he left for work, well the permanent windows need to be washed. So as soon as I remember where I put the Windex, I'll be washing windows. Until then though, I think I might take Taw and go lay down -- 4 hours of sleep just wasn't enough, plus I think that my cold is getting worse.

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