Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A comment on US Military

Sometime last week I came across this website called Any Soldier.  On it you can request the names & addresses of members of US Military.  I do recommend that before you send any letter [or package should you desire to do so], that you read all the FAQ's and comments provided on the website.  Then request an address or two (allowed 2 a day up to 10 a month per household), and let our US Servicemen & women know that you support them in what they are doing.  I plan to send off a copy of the Vernal Express newspaper form last week (because it was Veteran's Day) with the letters I mail this week.

I mention this because my ward (Maeser 3rd Ward, Maeser Utah LDS Stake) is going to do a Humanitarian project where we write to several and even send some packages to some of the more needy squads.

Anyhow, go check it out, maybe you can find someone to write to as well.  Granted, they would really like to get a package, but from my own experience (based on my husband's say so), many of these soldiers would jsut be happy to get a letter from someone too.  You see, not all of the soldiers in the US Military have someone back home who is interested in writing to them.  Can't you provide a bit of support from "back home," especially as the calendar heads into the "Giving Season?"

=) Gayle

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