Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In the throes of yet another...

Yup, this makes for two in a row.  I don't know if my body just can't handle being pregnant anymore or if Heavenly Father is trying to renege on his promise to me of 2 daughters... but right now it doesn't matter too much.  What does matter is that I have recognized the need of my body for a rest, so today or tomorrow I'm going to go fetch a packet [from the pharnacy] of birth control pills.  I'll take The Pill for 2 months then again start trying to conceive in January sometime between my bday & Dh's bday (mine's Jan 12, his Jan 25).

...mouse war!
Actually it's the same one, and while we haven't seen any lie mice for a long time, we still see dead ones on the floors in odd spots.  However the smell is still around in various rooms (my boys' room just recently started smelling mouse-y), so I know that the stinky little beasts are still around.

...cold spell!
The funy thing is, at least it's funny to me, that the sun shines on while it's not above 35 degrees Farentheit.  So my boys see that the sun is shining and think that it's warm enough to go play without a coat... off they run out the door & not 2 minutes later, they are back shivering.

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